Release note (v. 2023.11.3) - December 6, 2023


  1. CSV result files: We have added a results CSV file format for upload to TFRRS in the United States. Only meetings in the US will have access to this results format.

  2. License information for TFRRS / NCAA: We have added the ability to add TFRRS / NCAA license/ID numbers.

Release note (v. 2023.11.2) - November 29, 2023


  1. Team competitions for road running and cross country: We have added two team competitions for road running and cross country. One is based on points, and the other is based on aggregated time.

  2. Out-Of-Competition athletes: You can mark an athlete as OOC (Out-Of-Competition), which means that the athlete will have a result, but will not be placed or counted towards team competitions.

  3. Advancement: You will be able to add qR (advanced to next round by Referee), qJ (advanced to next round by Judge), and qD (advanced to next round by Draw).

  4. Personal BIB numbers: The organiser can choose to let registrants add their personal BIB numbers via registration.

  5. Meeting statistics: You will find statistics about your meeting on the Details page.


  1. Start lists: We have improved the sorting when there is only one heat/final.

  2. Public results: Small q's are marked in yellow if all groups are not marked as final.

  3. Registration: You will find clubs next to the athlete names in the registration approval overview, and email confirmations are added for registrations without payment.

  4. Imperial: We have added a banner to the public meeting page if the viewing selection is "Metric" and the meeting is set to use Imperial (quarter inch) as measurement units since inaccurate results might be shown in converted metric units.

  5. Athlete licence: The ability to add licence numbers for New Zealand athletes has been added.

Release note (v. 2023.11.1) - November 20, 2023


  1. Payments: We have added support for the currencies of Bulgaria (Bulgarian lev, BGN) and Romania (Romanian leu, RON). Transactions in BGN and RON are settled in EUR, which leads to a currency exchange loss.

Release note (v. 2023.10.1) - October 23, 2023


  1. Meeting chat: A chat group across the platform for the organiser to communicate internally with all officials. See more here.
  2. Messaging with a registrant: When a registrant posts a message with their registration, the organiser can answer, which opens a chat between the organiser and the registrant. See more here
  3. Registration notification: The organizer will be notified via email if there is a refund request or a pending registration.
  4. Public and internal notes for an athlete: The organiser can add a public or internal note for an athlete for a given stage of the competition (e.g., heats or final). If public, the note will be shown on start lists and results.
  5. Para classes: We have added the ability for the registrant to add two para classes (one T-class and one F-class) for an athlete, which will then be shown on start lists and results.


  1. Check-in: We have updated the sorting mechanisms in the check-in overview for organisers.

  2. PDFs: The condensed start list and results will now show the three-letter country code.

  3. Event visibility: We have added the ability to generate PDF files for hidden events.

  4. Meeting status: We have added the option to set the meeting as "Cancelled", which will be shown in public places.

Release note (v. 2023.09.1) - September 7, 2023


  1. Team competition: We have added a new team scoring method: MoC Scoring. Read more here.

Release note (v. 2023.07.1) - July 24, 2023


  1. Records: If an athlete breaks their PB or SB in a meeting hosted by Roster Athletics, their records will be updated. The source of said record will be "Results". SB/PB for a later round (e.g., semi-final) will also be automatically updated.


  1. Records: Previously, an existing record was required to get a new PB/SP. This has been changed so that a PB/SB will be marked when no previous record exists. In addition, initial records added to the start list will be automatically transferred to the athlete's profile and kept as a "Start list" source.

  2. Lane assignment models: World Athletics recently changed the rules for lane assignments for straight runs (60m, 60H, 100m, 100H, 110H), 200m and 400m. We have added these new lane assignment models.

  3. Language: The platform can now be accessed in Spanish.

  4. Testing: We have added a new Testing meeting type for new users who want to test the platform. Read more here.

Release note (v. 2023.06.1) - June 6, 2023


  1. Meet/Meeting fee: An option to include a Meet/Meeting fee has been added. This fee is automatically added to the total charge when the registrant signs up for the first event. Read more here.


  1. Registration refunds: We have made it easier to refund multiple athletes simultaneously.

Release note (v. 2023.05.3) - May 22, 2023


  1. License information for Greece: We have added the ability to add Greek Federation license numbers. These numbers will be shown on start lists, results and check-in for the organizer if the competition is located in Greece or Cyprus.

Release note (v. 2023.05.2) - May 9, 2023


  1. Adding password: the option to add a password and make the meet/meeting private is no longer available with Roster web admin version 2023.05.2 going forward. Instead, use the ability to hide the meet/meeting from search results (MEETS/MEETINGSDetails Extra Visibility in search resultsExclude) and/or control the event visibility (for more information, see the Event visibility guide) within a meet/meeting. 

    If you have added a password to your meet/meeting before version 2023.05.2, all events will be hidden, and the meeting will be excluded from the search results.

Release note (v. 2023.05.1) - May 1, 2023


  1. Check-in: As an organiser, you can now decide if you want to enable check-in by the organiser or the ability to let athletes, parents, team managers or coaches check in directly from the Roster Athletics app. See more information in the Check-in and How to link athlete profiles for mobile check-in guides.

Release note (v. 2023.04.3) - April 18, 2023


  1. Payments: We have added support for the currency of the Bahamas (Bahamian Dollar, BSD). All transactions in BSD are settled in USD, which leads to a small currency exchange loss.

  2. Club and school affiliation: We have enabled the ability to compete for a school in a club-based meeting and a club in a school-based meeting.

  3. Faroe Islands: If you set the country for your meeting to the Faroe Islands, you will have the "Age groups and implements" table set by default to Denmark, but it can be changed.

Release note (v. 2023.04.1) - April 5, 2023


  1. Check-in: Additional details and sorting options for the check-in view are now available.

  2. Seeding: You can set the advancements rules in the Seeding view.

  3. Results: The ability to add internal notes to the results of each event has been added.

  4. Results: You can hide all scratched athletes from public results (PDF files, scoreboards and the public website).

  5. Registration: Notifications and filtering options have been added if there are new messages or refund requests from registrants.

  6. Scoreboards: You will find an option to show team results in the scoreboard view.

  7. CSV Results: The CSV file with results now includes break-down-placing.

Release note (v. 2023.03.2) - March 30, 2023


  1. Eagle Eye Pro: We have added direct integration with Eagle Eye Pro. Read more about how to use the timing "Agent" here and the Eagle Eye Pro integration here


  1. Start lists: We have added the ability to transfer initial records when you transfer an athlete from one start list to another (e.g., 200m U20 to 200m Senior). Athletes will also be allocated to the correct age group when changing age group for an event (e.g., Senior to Multiple age groups).

  2. Results: You can now choose to see all events sorted by order/lane or ranking. In addition, the ranking will be auto-sorted by default, but you can disable the feature.

  3. Records: You will no longer see records (e.g., PB or SB) next to a result unless there is a legal wind reading. However, you can enable records without wind readings in the menu.

  4. Seeding: We have added the option to mark all non-seeded athletes as DNS.

  5. Anti-doping Declaration: We have added the option for an Anti-doping Declaration, which works similarly to the terms & conditions for a registrant signing up for a competition.

  6. Scoreboards: We have added an option to show the schedule in the scoreboard view.

  7. Individual scoring: You can now export the results from an individual scoring competition.

  8. CSV Import: The import file can now include a team gender to make the upload easier.

  9. Registrant account: We have made it easier for a registrant to delete his/her account (this is a legal requirement).

  10. Nigeria: Age groups and implements have been added for Nigerian competitions.

Release note (v. 2023.03.1) - March 4, 2023


  1. Score sheets: We have added heights to the score sheets for the vertical jumps (if set in the admin platform).

Release note (v. 2023.03.1) - March 1, 2023


  1. Design: You will see a change in the overall design of buttons, drop-downs and other fields. This is not only a cosmetic change but one that is necessary to keep development scalable.

  2. Photo upload: The photo upload ability has been revamped to include cropping features.

  3. Registration approval: We have added an option to download a CSV file with information on participants (different from the bookkeeping overview).

  4. Check-in: You will now see heat/group/lane/order on the check-in screen (if available) and a check-in status on the start list view.

  5. Start lists/Results: A new Finished filter has been added to the event navigation.

  6. Results: We have added wind columns to the summaries (where relevant), rearranged the lane/order column, and combined the status and results columns.

  7. Seeding: BIB numbers have been added to the seeding view.

  8. Payments: You will now find time stamps to requests for refunds. Also, refund dates have been separated from the original payment in the bookkeeping overview.

  9. CSV export: Start times for groups are now actual start times and not only the overall "summary" time.

Release note (v. 2023.01.1) - January 16, 2023


  1. Web results, start lists and schedule: We have added a tab to the public website ( with the schedule, start lists and results.
  2. Web team results: If your meeting has a team competition, you can find a tab with the team results.
  3. Individual scoring results: If your meeting includes individual scoring, you can find a tab with the scores.
  4. Meeting search: We have added a separate tab to search for an athlete, a relay team, or a team/club.


  1. Details: You can exclude/include a meeting in the public search results (e.g., if you are working on a test or demo meeting, you can exclude it from the public search). Read more here.

  2. Payments: We have added support for the currencies of Australia (Australian Dollar, AUD), New Zealand (New Zealand Dollar, NZD), Nigeria (Nigerian Naira, NGN), Jamaica (Jamaican Dollar, JMD), and Costa Rica (Costa Rican Colón, CRC). Transactions in AUD and NZD are settled in AUD and NZD, respectively, with no currency exchange loss. All transactions in NGN, JMD and CRC are settled in USD, which leads to a small currency exchange loss.

  3. Age grading factors: We have updated the age grading factors to the WMA 2023 tables (WMA's Age grading tables and parameters).