Once your organisation has set up a Stripe payments processing account for Roster registration, you are ready to enable registrations for your meeting and accept participant payments.

For information on how to enable a Stripe account, please see the Organisers: Enabling Stripe account user guide.

This guide is organised as follows:

Getting started

This guide assumes you are familiar with setting up a meeting within the Roster admin platform. If you are not familiar with this, please refer to the Create a meeting set of user guides on detailed instructions.

Upon enabling your Stripe account, you will be able to toggle the MEETINGS → DetailsGeneral → Registration field from Disabled to Enabled for any meeting within your organisational domain.

After enabling this field, a REGISTRATION section with 2 menu icons will appear on the far left-hand side blue column, registration Setup and registration Approval.

Please note: once registration is enabled for your meeting, it cannot be disabled.

On the Details page are a few other fields that can be important in regards to registration.

Licence verification

Under MEETINGS → Details → Country-specific options, you will find a Licence verification field that allows you to select the appropriate licence requirement setting for this meeting.

Please note: this feature is currently available only if the country is set to England, Wales, or the United Kingdom. The system will not check an athlete (for a valid licence) under 11 years of age on the day of the competition.

  • Strict - athletes will be required to have a valid licence number.
  • Allow foreign (licence is required for home athletes) - England and Wales athletes will be required to have their active licence number as part of the registration process. Foreign athletes not from England and Wales are allowed to register without a licence.
  • None - no licence requirement is in place. 

England and Wales athletes' licence number is automatically verified with the Trinity database for validation.

Please note: once this field is set during meeting set up, it can only be changed to a more relaxed option. Thus Strict can be changed to either Allow foreign or None, and Allow foreign can only be changed to None.

Age group verification

Under MEETINGS → Details → Country-specific options, you will also find an Age group verification field that allows you to set enforcement of age group events for your meeting. The options are:

  • None - no age group sign up restrictions, thus any participant can sign up for any age group event,
  • Regular - participant's own age group; if in a masters age group - only own age group or in a younger age group; if in a youth age group - only own age group or in an older age group,
  • Strict -  athlete's own group or Senior only age groups.

Registration Setup

Once you have added events to your meeting, press the REGISTRATIONSetup button, which will bring you to the main page that controls the parameters for configuring your registration set-up.

The set up view lists all events or set of events grouped by gender. Next to each event are the following columns that detail a number of configuration options for that event:

  • Age group - the age group for that event (to set up multiple age groups for your meeting, please refer to the Setting up multiple age group events user guide).
  • Max athletes - the maximum number of athletes that are allowed to register for that event. Please note that if the max number has been reached AND automatic approval is enabled, any additional athletes that sign up will automatically be moved to the wait list until the organiser decides to approve or reject their participation.
  • Price - the price in your currency (see below) for each event to be paid by every participant in your meeting. The price includes all processing fees (payment processing and Roster) as well as VAT/tax (if enabled) for each registration payment.
  • Qualification standard - this sets the qualification standard marks that must be met by the participant for this event prior to being accepted. To use the qualification standard feature for registration, it must be first enabled in the Meeting options section described below.
  • State - the state of each event, which is visible in the public registration view.
    • Pending - initial state, not yet open to public registration.
    • Open - registration is open for sign ups.
    • Closed - registration is closed and not open to any more sign ups.
    • Excluded - these events will not have public registration (e.g. "Invitational Mile"). The organiser will manually add athletes to the start-list. These events and participants are still visible in the public view.

Meeting options

The meeting options include the following:

  • Registration visibility
    • Draft (not visible to public) - registration is not yet open to the public.
    • Published (publicly visible) - registration is open and visible to the public.
  • Registration deadline - Date
  • Registration deadline - Time
  • Qualification standard verification
    • Open - do not use a qualifying mark as a registration acceptance criteria.
    • Strict - use a qualifying mark as a registration acceptance criteria.
  • Qualification standard record
    • Season best - use a season best mark as the qualifying registration criteria.
    • Personal best - use a personal best mark as the qualifying registration criteria.
  • Currency - select from the appropriate currency for your country. Please note: it is highly recommended to select the native currency for your organisation to avoid added currency exchange charges if selecting another currency.
  • VAT - choice of including appropriate VAT/tax amount in registration payments.
    • Enabled (xx %) - include appropriate VAT/tax amount for your geographical region on each participation payment transaction.
    • Disabled - do not include VAT/tax on each participation payment transaction.
  • Total fee - total processing fee for each transaction which includes payment processing and Roster fees.
  • Automatically approve all registrations
    • Disable - manually approve all participants before they pay.
    • Enable - automatically approve all participants as they sign up, from which they will be allowed to pay and join the start lists.

Please note: once you have changed the Registration visibility from Draft (not visible to public) to Published (publicly visible), you will not be able to change the Currency value, VAT/tax enablement, or Terms & Conditions document (see below under Documents).

Event defaults

Event defaults can be changed and applied to all or multiple events as a quick way to adjust the price or number of athletes across the board.

  • Price per event - the price in your currency for the amount charged to each participant in each event, which includes all processing fees and VAT/tax (if enabled).
  • Max athletes per event - the maximum number of athletes for each event. Please note that if the max number has been reached AND automatic approval is enabled, any additional athletes that sign up will automatically be moved to the wait list until the organiser decides to approve or reject their participation.

To use the event defaults, select the desired events by clicking on the appropriate checkboxes or the select-all checkbox at the very top. A pair of buttons will appear at the bottom of the page, including Apply defaults to selection. Press this button to apply the adjusted default values and save.

To quickly adjust the state of all or multiple events, select the events, press the Modify selection button and choose Open selected, Close selected, or Excluded selected, and save to apply.

Please note: ALL of the following must be enabled for public registration to be open for the selected events:

  1. MEETINGS → DetailsGeneral → Meeting status must be set to Open.
  2. REGISTRATION Setup → Meeting options → Registration visibility must be set to Published (publicly available).
  3. REGISTRATION Setup → Event State must be set to Open (for each event).


The Documents section provides the ability to upload documents that may be relevant for participants in your meeting. Options to upload are:

  • Terms & Conditions PDF that you require your participants to provide consent upon sign-up. Please note: once Meeting options Registration visibility is changed from Draft to Publicly visible and saved, the Terms & Conditions document cannot be further uploaded or changed.
  • Meeting information PDF where you can upload any relevant meeting information you choose. This document can be uploaded and changed at any time.

Registration Approval

Once the meeting is open to sign-ups and participants are registering, you will manage all the approval activity through the REGISTRATIONApproval page.

Here you will see the list of athletes that are in the registration process and their registration status.

Along the top row are sortable columns with the respective status for each athlete (the Licence column is visible only when the licence verification setting is enabled).

When participants are registering for a meeting requiring organiser approval (default), all athletes will first need to be approved before paying and being added to the start list. Approval and other actions are toggled on the far right-hand column from the 3 dots icon. Once the action is chosen, the participant will also see the updated status.

When a participant has sign up for an event, the organiser can choose to:

  • Approve - athlete can move onto payment.
  • Reject - athlete will not be able to pay and join the event.
  • Wait-list - athlete is on the waiting list pending later approval or rejection.

Athletes can be approved (or other actions) individually, or in bulk by selecting the checkboxes on the left-hand side and then pressing the appropriate Modify selection option.

You will find messages notifying you of certain circumstances, which in this case are foreign athletes competing in this competition without a licence.

Once participants have taken action, such as paying or resigning from the event, their payment or approval status will be immediately updated and visible on the same page.

Once the athlete's payment is complete, they are automatically transferred directly to the start list for that event.

Refunding to a participant

The participants are able to request a refund after payment and either receive a credit towards another event or a payment-type refund.

  • Credit refund: full amount for the event will be credited to the participant's account. They will be able to use the credit in the same meeting for a different event or a future meeting from the same organiser.
  • Payment method refund: full amount less applicable transactions fees (e.g. credit card fee, Roster service fee).

Once a refund of either type has been requested by the participant, the organiser can accept or reject the refund. In either case, the participant will then be removed from the start list. If no action is taken, the participant stays on the start list.

Removing a participant

Once a participant has submitted payment and is on the start list, the organiser has the following choices to remove the athlete using the three dots icon options:

  • Remove and refund with credits.
  • Remove and refund to method of payment used.
  • Remove without refunding.

Please note: To be able to delete an event with registration, you must first remove or reject all participants (with or without a refund). Once all event registrations are resolved, you can go to the Schedule and delete the event by clicking on the three-dots icon and selecting Delete.


For information on how to download and read the downloadable CSV file with payment data, please see the Bookkeeping user guide.