Do you want to test the platform before organizing/organising your first competition with Roster? Add a test meet/meeting and check out all the features we have.

To add a test meet/meeting, select Testing as the Meeting type when creating a meet/meeting (follow the Set up a meet/meeting guide). This action will automatically exclude the meet/meeting from the search results (public website and mobile app). The test meet/meeting results will also be excluded from the athletes' records and will not be sent to any statistic databases.

To see your test meet/meeting on the Roster public website, go to the Details General Public link. Remember the link is available when the Meet/Meeting status is set to Scheduled, Open or Finished.

Once your test meet/meeting is added and hidden for regular users, you can start testing the platform by using all features in the usual way. Check out all our User Guides.

Please note:

  • Do not add fake athletes, relays, clubs or teams (there is no separate database for test meet/meetings, so please do not add data that could be incorrect, including fake names, wrong dates of birth, etc.).
  • When adding (real) athletes, try adding full birth dates and correct genders.
  • Remember the above also when importing a CSV file with start lists. Please check the Checklist for importing CSV entries guide to see what you should pay attention to.
  • We recommend adding the word TEST to the meet/meeting name.
  • To test registration, you must first enable a Stripe account by providing the correct information for your organization/organisation. Read more in the Organizers/Organisers: Enabling Stripe account guide.
  • When your test is done, you can remove your test meet/meeting by clicking on the Delete button in the upper right corner of the Details tab. Also, please remember that you cannot remove meet/meetings with registration enabled.