Release note (v. 3.8.0) - October 26, 2019

Version 3.8.0 has some major new features that we hope you will find useful. 
We have added automatic seeding which makes it very quick to seed athletes between heats, semi-finals, finals, qualification groups, etc.

You can read much more about the seeding options here.

You can also pre-set the promotion rules (i.e., Q and q). To do so, click on Set up under SCHEDULE

In addition to having clubs, you can now create schools (e.g., high school or university teams) and show school affiliations for athletes in the start list and results.

We have also added a number of smaller, but important features. As an organizer, you can select the visibility of athletes' birthdates by choosing to show the full birthdate, only the birth year or not showing anything. 

We have also made it easier to navigate between SCHEDULE and START LISTS by making events link from SCHEDULE to the START LIST. 

Lastly, we have updated the status-field for records so that a performance equal to a prior record will be noted with a "=" (i.e., =PB).

Stay tuned for more updates to come.

All the best from the Roster Athletics Team

Release note (v. 3.6.0) - September 18, 2019

Today's release includes several new features. We have created user settings which include an option to select your preferred choice of time and date.

When disqualifying an athlete, you can now add the specific rule for the disqualification under the IAAF rules.

You can also "auto-format" results so that you don't need to write results with ":" and/or "." (in Schedule, Start lists, and Results).

Last, but not least, we have soft-launched the integration to the FinishLynx timing system. You can read more about how to complete the integration here.

All the best from the Roster Athletics Team

Release note (v. 3.3.16) - September 7, 2019

Today's release adds a TRAINING category under Meeting type. This category can be used for non-official meetings and/or training sessions.

For athletes who are registered with only a birth year (and not the full birthdate), we will show the birth year in the results.

Lastly, you can now include age groups when importing Domtel CSV-files. 

All the best from the Roster Athletics Team

Release note (v. 3.3.7) - August 5, 2019

Today's release includes a few smaller bug fixes and improvements, and two new team competition models: 

  • Dual Meet - three scoring athletes from each team
  • Dual Meet - two scoring athletes from each team

All the best from the Roster Athletics Team

Release note (v. 3.3.0) - July 16, 2019

Today's release has a number of smaller added or improved features which we hope will make your life as an organiser even easier. 

First of all, we have upgraded the link between heats/qualification groups and summaries. You can now easily navigate from summaries to the relevant groups and heats. Summaries also show heats and lanes for each athlete. The lane configuration has also been improved. 

Under DETAILS you will see several changes as follows: (a) information about the meeting has been divided into different categories (e.g., contact, location and extra), and (b) the way you import and export files/PDFs has been improved. 

The PDFs (start lists and results) have been upgraded to show: (a) imperial units (if such are selected when creating the meeting), and (b) records (e.g., SB or PB) in the long jump and triple jump if it is a different attempt than the athlete's winning attempt (for instance, in the event the attempt has too much tailwind). The option to export the start list in CSV now includes stages (heats, finals, etc.) and groups (jumping order or lane) in case you need this information for an external timing provider or other similar purposes. 

For the high jump and pole vault, we have added the option to add additional results in a potential tie-breaking jump-off. 

Last but not least, we have added the option for all organisers to change the club affiliation for an athlete, relay team, or a team. Furthermore, you can now find a list of all athletes, relay teams, or teams assigned to a given club. 

All the best from the Roster Athletics team

Release note (v. 3.2.1) - June 21, 2019

Today's release includes many new features and updates. 

The most significant change is the ability to create new clubs.

Athletes can now be assigned to clubs. Each athlete can be affiliated with as many clubs as necessary, but only one of the clubs will be designated as the primary club. 

In conjunction with the above, the CSV upload of athletes has also been updated to include clubs and teams (if it is a team competition).

We have also made improvements to the seeding functionality. You now have the ability to configure the lanes you want to use (e.g., lane 3-8 or lane 2-4 + 6-8). Furthermore, we have added additional sorting parameters.

When you add heats (or qualification groups, semifinals, or finals), you can add multiple heats at the same time. Heats in a group will have the same start time. This can, of course, be changed by the organiser as needed.

For users uploading start lists from DOMTEL, we have added event codes so that you don't need to select an event for each uploaded start list. 

We have also upgraded the multi-user functionalities so it should be seamless for multiple users to edit at the same time, however, keep in mind that two users editing the same result for the same athlete will still create conflict, and only the last edited result will be saved. 

Last but not least, when you type in results, you can select the option for "auto-format" if you wish to type in results more quickly without the use of special characters (e.g., you can now type in "265253" without a semicolon and period to show a time of 26:52.53).

All the best from the Roster Athletics team.

Release note - June 5, 2019

Today we made it easier for more users to work on the same event by improving the multi-user facilities. Please note that making updates to the time schedule remains a single-user feature, and is not available for alteration by two or more users at the same time.

We have also added an option for CSV upload for athlete registrations through the Domtel platform. 

All the best from the Roster Athletics team

Release note - May 28, 2019

Today we added the ability to export and print time schedules, start lists, and results into PDF files. These can be shared, printed or uploaded to your own website.

You can access this feature by clicking on the three dots in the bottom of the Details overview. See the screen above.

As always, we will continue to develop more features that we hope you will find useful.

All the best from the Roster Athletics team.

Release note - May 24, 2019

Today we released a new version of the Roster Athletics Competition Management Platform which includes some major enhancements. First of all, we've updated the design to give you more usable space on your desktop screen. This will make it easier for you to operate crucial features such as handling start lists and entering results, and to navigate between events for female, male and mixed categories. The MEETING FEED (where you add comments, videos and pictures) has been moved to its own menu item from its previous location under RESULTS to make it easier to locate this feature.

One of the two biggest functional changes is our new tool to upload start lists from Excel/CSV. You will need to format the CSV file according to the guidelines for CSV upload (you can find the guide here). This will enable you to upload hundreds or thousands of athletes all at once. Tilastopaja integration will be added soon.

The second major functional update is the SEEDING feature. In events where you need to seed athletes (e.g., 100m with multiple heats, the Long Jump with two qualification groups, etc.), you will first add all of the athletes to the summary for the event. You can then use the new seeding feature to allocate athletes to the applicable heats, qualification groups, semi-finals, etc. Currently, you will be able to drag-and-drop athletes from the summary to the relevant heats, but we plan to add automatic seeding, which will be based on a number of different seeding rules. Automatic lane assignments will also be added in an upcoming release. Currently, lanes are assigned automatically, but they can be changed manually in seeding overview.

For Danish organizers, we have added the Danish team scoring method so that you can now have team competitions based on the "European Athletics National Team Championships" and "Danish team" scoring method, or a number of different scoring methods under "USA High School Team Competitions."

Lastly, you can now export start lists and results to CSV-files. Within a week we will add printable PDFs.   

We hope that you will find these updates useful. In the meantime, we will continue to develop more features to enhance your experience with the Roster Athletics platform 

All the best from the Roster Athletics team.