Release note (v. 2024.02.2) - February 19, 2024


  1. TimeTronics: We have improved the direct integration with TimeTronics MacFinish and TimeTronics Argus. Read more about the TimeTronics MacFinish integration and TimeTronics Argus integration.

  2. Roster Agent app (Windows and Linux): The new version 2.2.0 is available - download and install the RosterAgent. This version supports integration with TimeTronics MacFinish and TimeTronics Argus timing systems and adds support for German and Spanish languages. Please update the app.

Release note (v. 2024.02.1) - February 8, 2024


  1. Lap counter sheets: We have added the ability to print lap counter sheets (PDF) for distance races. See more in the Creating PDF lap sheets guide.


  1. Registration approval CSV: A club column has been added to the CSV file.

  2. Public view of HJ/PV: It is now easier to follow heights in a high jump or pole vault competition on the public website.

  3. API: We have added the possibility to pick up results per event and per stage via the API. See more in the API for start lists and results (scoreboards, TV-production, etc.) guide.

  4. Payments: We have added support for the currency of Trinidad & Tobago (The Trinidad and Tobago Dollar, TTD). All transactions in TTD are settled in USD, which leads to a small currency exchange loss.

  5. DQ Rules: All DQ rules have been updated according to the updated rules from World Athletics (updated in January 2024).

  6. Schedule: You will now find a filter for days in the schedule.