Release note (v. 2021.09.1) - September 2, 2021


  1. Start lists/results: You can hover over the event and see the start time in the start list and the results view (when sorted by the event name).
  2. Combined events: The total score includes only finalized events. You can also see a total score that includes ongoing events and the score for any ongoing event itself. These are marked in italic font. Also, the ranking in the overall combined event is automatically updated after an underlying event is marked finished.

Release note (v. 2021.06.1) - June 25, 2021


  1. Scoreboards: We have added options for tabs related to scoreboards. See more here.
  2. Roster Agent app for FinishLynx (Windows and Linux): The new version 1.0.19 is available here.

SUNSETTING - Roster Agent for FinishLynx (only applies to the iOS app)

We will sunset the Roster Agent app for iOS. Given that FinishLynx only runs on Windows, we will focus on support for the Windows (and Linux) versions of the Roster Agent app.

If you currently use the Roster Agent iOS app and this change creates an issue for you, please reach out to us via 

Release note (v. 2021.05.3-2) - June 10, 2021


  1. Age groups: New age groups for schools in the UK.
  2. Results / Start lists / CSV: We have included a column to distinguish combined events from individual events.

Release note (v. 2021.05.3) - May 13, 2021


  1. FinishLynx integration: We have included an option to exclude athletes with DNS when sending data to FinishLynx (e.g., when you already know before the competition that the athlete will not show up, but you do not want to remove him/her).
  2. Results / CSV: We have included points from team competitions in the results-CSV files (Updated on May 19).

Release note (v. 2021.05.1) - May 1, 2021


  1. Team competitions: We have included a new team scoring method for point-based team competitions. This model takes into account the total number of scoring results for a team.
  2. Combined events: This is only relevant for Denmark. We have added six new triathlons, including point tables ("DGI Nåle 3-kampe").

Release note (v. 2021.04.1) - April 6, 2021


  1. Feed: We have added the ability to disable the feed, or to restrict it so that only the organizer has the ability to post a message. Read more here.
  2. Model selection for field events: You can now select the model for who and how to progress from the first three rounds to the last three rounds in horizontal jumps and throws. Read more here.

  3. Governing body approval: This feature is only relevant for governing bodies. A governing body can now download results (CSV or PDF files) from the governing body page.

Remember to update the Roster Athletics Meet Mgmt app to avoid any issues with the model selection for attempts in field events.


  1. Seeding: We have included an option to reverse the order of groups, and expanded the parameters to sort from to include Club and Team.
  2. Details: The default for "Birthday visibility" is changed to YoB from DoB.
  3. PDF (results): Birthday information and organizer name have been added to condensed results in PDFs.
  4. Results: In events with several groups, rankings in summaries are now updated when changing a result in an underlying group after the event is marked finished.
  5. Adding athletes: The school grade field is shown as standard when adding an athlete with USA as the country.
  6. Public overview: Country has been added as a filter for the public overview.
  7. Profile settings: All your profile settings are now in one place.
  8. Results in high jump and pole vault: You can now change the navigation with the tab key.

We hope that these new features will help make your job as an organizer easier.

All the best from the Roster team

Release note (v. 2021.01.1) - January 15, 2021


  1. BIB allocation: This feature provides you with an easy way to assign and allocate bibs to athletes in your meeting. Read more here.

Remember to update the Roster Athletics Meet Mgmt app to avoid any issues with bibs.


  1. Schedule: We have improved the way you can sort/organize the schedule.

  2. Team competition: Two new team scoring methods based on point scoring tables have been added (see more here


We hope that you enjoy these new features. 

All the best from the Roster team