Release note (v. 2023.01.1) - January 16, 2023


  1. Web results, start lists and schedule: We have added a tab to the public website ( with the schedule, start lists and results.
  2. Web team results: If your meeting has a team competition, you can find a tab with the team results.
  3. Individual scoring results: If your meeting includes individual scoring, you can find a tab with the scores.
  4. Meeting search: We have added a separate tab to search for an athlete, a relay team, or a team/club.


  1. Details: You can exclude/include a meeting in the public search results (e.g., if you are working on a test or demo meeting, you can exclude it from the public search). Read more here.

  2. Payments: We have added support for the currencies of Australia (Australian Dollar, AUD), New Zealand (New Zealand Dollar, NZD), Nigeria (Nigerian Naira, NGN), Jamaica (Jamaican Dollar, JMD), and Costa Rica (Costa Rican Colón, CRC). Transactions in AUD and NZD are settled in AUD and NZD, respectively, with no currency exchange loss. All transactions in NGN, JMD and CRC are settled in USD, which leads to a small currency exchange loss.

  3. Age grading factors: We have updated the age grading factors to the WMA 2023 tables (WMA's Age grading tables and parameters).