The Roster Athletics competition management platform supports several team scoring methods. If your meeting includes team competition, choose your team scoring method in Details General Team scoring.

1. Choose a team scoring method from the list and click on the Save button.

After saving you will see two new links in the left-hand side menu: Teams and Team results.

2. You can add teams by clicking on Teams in the left-hand side menu. To add a team either (i) click on the blue plus (+) icon, or (ii) click on the Add team button on the lower right-hand side of the page.

Please note: you need to choose events before you start adding teams.

After clicking on the Add teams button you will see a new window with a search box and the list of teams.

3. Find a team by typing its name in the search box. If your team is already in the database, click on the blue Add button next to the name of a team to add the team to the list.

To make it easier to find your team, you can use the country, gender, or affiliation (club or national) filters.

4. After adding a team to the list you can continue searching and adding the rest of the teams without closing the window. If you cannot find a team, make sure the spelling is correct or follow the next step.

5. If your team is not in the database click on the blue Create new button. For more information on how to add a new team, see the Add team guide.

6. If your meeting includes only national teams you can use the auto-generate feature to prepare a list of teams. To do so, click on the Auto-generate button and choose one method (either Mixed or Male & Female).

Please note: you need to first add all athletes to the start lists in order to use the Auto-generate feature.

7. After adding all of the teams to the list, click anywhere outside the Add team window to close the window, and then click on the Save button to save the list of teams.

8. After adding teams you can assign a team to an athlete. To do so, click on the Start lists and select the correct team for an athlete from the list in the Team column.

9. You can follow team results in the Team results tab in the left-hand side menu. Results should update automatically after the end of each event, but you can also update all results by using the Update all button.

Please note: if you choose a team competition, in the app, you will see teams instead of clubs next to the athlete's name.


Remember that you can run only one team competition per meeting. If your meeting includes two team competitions for two different age categories, we recommend creating two separate meetings.