You can add a new team to the Roster Athletics database from either (a) the MEETINGSTeam competition tab or (b) the OVERVIEW Teams in the left-hand side menu.

1. To add a new team from within the meeting, go to MEETINGSTeam competitions and click Add team. Once a team is added, there will only be one button option.

Create a new team by pressing the Create new button.

To add a new team from the OVERVIEWTeams page, click on the Create new team button. 

2. In both situations, you will see the Create new team window. 

To add a new team you need to add the Long name (it must be a unique name), Short name, select a Country, and select a Gender.

See where we display long and short names:

You can also add a club or a school. This is recommend whenever possible, in order to associate athletes to clubs to teams. Teams are necessary for any team competitions.

To assign a team to a club/school, click on the edit icon and find your club/school in the Select club/school window. For more information on how to add a new club or school see the Add club/school guide.

3. After adding all of the data, click on the Save button.

4. If you have added a new team correctly, you will see the Permissions button at the bottom of the page. By clicking on the button, you can add users who will have permission to read, edit or delete data for this team. For more information on how to add permissions to a new user, see the Permission to edit team guide.

See where we display long and short names: