The last step for setting up a meeting is creating start lists. You can do this under the Start lists tab. 


1. Click on the name of an event.

2. Click on the Add athlete button to add athletes to the start list.


After clicking on the Add athletes button you will see a new window with a search box and the list of athletes.


3. Find an athlete by typing in his or her name in the search box. If your athlete is in the database, click on the blue Add button next to the name of an athlete to add the athlete to the start list.

After adding an athlete to the start list you can continue searching and adding the rest of the athletes without closing the Add athlete window. If you cannot find an athlete, make sure the spelling of the name of the athlete is correct, or follow step four below.


4. If your athlete is not in the database, click on the blue Create a new button. For more information on how to add an athlete, see the ADD ATHLETES guide.


Note: Remember that you have to add start lists before adding results.


5. After adding all of the athletes to the start list, click anywhere outside the Add athlete window to close the window, and then click on the Save button to save the list of athletes.


6. After saving the list of athletes you can add Bib number, Lane (if it is a sprint event), Initial PB(personal best), and Initial SB (season best) for an athlete.


You can also change the order of the athletes on the list by using the drag and drop function.


7. If an event includes several groups you can prepare the start list for all groups by using the Seed option. See more information in the SEEDING guide.


8. If an event includes a minimum of two different stages you can use the Add Q/q option to prepare the start lists for a higher stage. To do this you have to add all results for the previous stage. See more information in the ADD RESULTS guide.


You can add or remove an athlete from the start list at any time (even if a meeting is underway).


9. If you wish to add a relay event you can add relay teams in the same way as adding athletes.



If you added teams to start lists you can add athletes to relay teams by clicking on the Add athletes button.