You can add a new athlete to the Roster Athletics database from either (i) the start lists of the meeting, or (ii) the OVERVIEW Athletes in the left-hand side menu.

1. To add a new athlete from the start list, click on the Add athletes button and then click on the Create new button.

To add a new athlete from the OVERVIEW Athletes in the left-hand side menu, click on the Create new athlete button. 


2. In both situations, you will see a Create new athlete window. 

To add a new athlete you will need to add the First name, Last name, and select the applicable Gender and Country (all these fields are mandatory). You can also add a Middle name, a Birthday (you can change the date format in the user's settings) or if you only know the birth year, add only the year.

Remember if you select the United States as a country, you will see a new Grade field.

3. You can also add a club or a school. 

To assign an athlete to a club/school, click on the edit icon and find your club/school in the Select club/school window.

You can add as many clubs/schools as you need. To do this, click on the plus icon on the right-hand side and select the club/school.

For more information on how to add a new club or school, see the Add club/school guide.

4. After adding all of the data, click on the Save button.

5. If you have added a new athlete correctly, you will see an Edit athlete data window with a menu that contains: Personal, Photos, and Records links. The Permissions button will also appear at the bottom of the page.

Under Records, you can see the personal and season records of the athlete and under Photos, you can see the athlete's photos (adding athlete's photos is only permissible by the Roster Athletics staff). By clicking on the Permissions button, you can add users who will have permission to read, edit or delete data for this athlete. For more information on how to add permissions to a new user, see the Permission to edit athlete guide.