The last step for setting up a meet/meeting is creating start lists. You can do this under the Start lists tab. 

This guide is divided into the following sections below:

Adding athletes

Open the start list of your event by clicking its name (or the name of a stage/group) and then click the Add athlete or Add athletes buttons to add athletes to the start list.

After clicking the Add athlete button, you will see a new window with a search box and the list of athletes.

Find an athlete by typing in his or her name in the search box (you can use club and country filters to narrow your search results). If your athlete is in the database, click the blue Add button next to an athlete's name to add the athlete to the start list.

After adding an athlete to the start list, you can continue searching and adding the rest of the athletes without closing the Add athlete window. If you cannot find an athlete, ensure the spelling of the athlete's name is correct, or follow step four below.

Creating new athletes

If your athlete is not in the database, click the blue Create new button. For more information on how to add an athlete, see the Add athletes guide.

After adding all the athletes to the start list, click anywhere outside the Add athlete window to close the window and then click on the Save button to save the list of athletes. After saving, the red dot next to the athlete list number will disappear.

Adding and editing clubs and records

After saving the list of athletes, you can add Club, Initial PB (personal best), and Initial SB (season best) for an athlete. You can learn how to update records automatically, e.g. using the Tilastopaja database, in the Sync PBs/SBs with Tilastopaja user guide.

Allocating BIB numbers

You can allocate BIB numbers in the BIB allocation view. See more information in the BIB Allocation guide.

Adding notes

Click the link under the Notes column if you wish to add a text note for this specific athlete.

You can add Public notes visible in the Roster Athletics app, the public website with start lists and results (, and CSV and PDF files (start lists, results and scoresheet). You can use this field to add information about Yellow Card (YC), Second Yellow Card (YRC), Red Card (RC), Lane infringement (L), Bent knee (>), Loss of contact (~) and more. 

You can also add Internal notes visible ONLY in web admin for other users who have permission to access the meet/meeting. 

Notes can be as long as needed, but they may be trimmed in some views. Notes are visible and can be added/edited on start lists and results.


For all events (mainly if an event includes several groups), you can prepare the start list using the Seed option on the upper right-hand side of the screen. You can also add lanes and change order with this feature. See more information on this in the Seeding guide.

Qualifying rounds

If an event includes at least two different stages, you can use the Add Q/q option to prepare the start lists for a higher stage. To do this, you must add all previous stage results. See more information in the Qualifying rounds guide.

Adding relay teams

If you wish to add a relay event, you can add relay teams, like adding athletes (by clicking on the Add relay teams button).

If you added relay teams to start lists, you could add relay members by clicking the icon. 

Click on the three horizontal lines icon to change the order of the relay members by using the drag-and-drop option in a new window. 

Multiple age group events

If an event has multiple age groups, you can select the proper age group for individual athletes. If an event includes implements, then the value of implements will appear under the name of an age group.

For multiple age groups and mixed events, the system will generate separate start lists for each age group and gender that will be visible on the event list using a grey font.

For more information, see the Setting up multiple age group events guide.

Transferring participants to other start lists

You can transfer athletes and relay teams to other start lists. To do so, click on the appropriate checkboxes or the select-all checkbox at the very top, and select the Transfer selected option from the three dots menu or Modify selection menu.

By selecting the Transfer selected option, a new Transfer to another start list window will appear. The window lists all appropriate start lists to which you can transfer selected athletes or relay teams.

You can sort and filter the view by the Event name or by the date/time of the event.

Please note: 

  • Athletes from the start list of combined events may be transferred only to another start list of the combined event.
  • Transferring the athlete with a result will remove that result.
  • Transferring will reset the Check-in status if the Check-in feature is enabled.
  • You can transfer athletes/relay teams only to the lowest stage of the event.
  • You can transfer athletes/relay teams only from the summary group. To transfer athletes between groups, use the Seeding feature.

By choosing Remove selected from the Modify selection option, you can also remove athletes or relay teams in bulk.

Please note: You can add or remove an athlete from the start list at any time (even if a meet/meeting is underway). You cannot remove athletes added by registration in bulk.

Out-of-competition status

You can mark a participant as out of the competition if you enable this option for your meet/meeting. To do so, select Details Extra Enable out-of-competition participantsEnabled and save. Once you have enabled and saved this setting, you will see a new OOC column on the start list.

To mark an athlete as out-of-competition, open the appropriate start list and click the checkbox next to the athlete's name. The OOC abbreviation will appear next to the athlete in the event results.

The athlete marked as out-of-competition will not have a place assigned, will not be included in auto advancement, and will be excluded from team competition and individual scoring (if enabled). 

Generating PDF files

You can also generate a PDF file with the start lists by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the page and selecting Generate PDF. See more information in the Creating PDF files guide.

Once you have created all your start lists, you can view the complete athlete participation list for the entire meet/meeting by following the View athletes list - participants overview user guide.

Searching for events and participants 

You can change the sorting of events on the left side by clicking on the icon in the Search field and selecting either sort by Event name or Event time

You can also filter events by Gender and hide Breakdowns and Finished events.

The search option allows you to search for an Event name or Participant name. When selecting the latter option, you can decide if you want to automatically filter start lists to show only searched participants.

You can also search for participants directly on the start list by clicking Athletes and entering the participant's name.

You can toggle between Schedule, Start lists, Results, and Check-in (if the feature is enabled; read more in the Check-in guide) by clicking the two arrow icon and selecting a view from the list.