You can add a new relay team to the Roster Athletics database from either (a) the start lists of the meeting, or (b) the Overview → Relay teams in the left-hand side menu.

1. To add a new relay team from the start list click on the Add teams button and then click on the Create new button.

To add a new athlete from the Overview → Teams in the left-hand side menu click on the Create button.

2. In both situations, you will see a Create new relay team window. 

To add a new relay team you will need to add the Name, and select the Country, Gender, and Age group.

3. After adding all of the data, click on the Save button.

4. If you have added a new relay team correctly you will see an Edit relay team data window with three tabs: General, Records, and Permissions.

In the Records tab, you can add the personal and season records of the relay team. In the Permissions tab, you can add users who will have permission to read, edit or delete data of this relay team.