You can add permissions for reading or editing athletes, relay teams, clubs/schools, and teams to other users by clicking on the Permissions button in the Edit athlete data, Edit relay team, Edit club/school or Edit team windows. 

Important note: you can only do this for athletes, relay teams, clubs/schools or teams you have added yourself.


1. To add a new user to the list, click the Add user button.

2. Enter the user's e-mail and click on the Add button. The person must be an existing Roster Athletics user. 

3. After adding, the user gets only permission to Read. You can add more permissions by picking them from the Add permissions list. 

  • Read - user can see and read all information but not edit it.
  • Update - user can edit all data of the athlete, relay team, clubs/schools or teams.
  • Admin - user can add permissions to other users.

4. Click on the trash icon to delete a user from the list.