If an event includes several groups you can prepare the start list for all groups by using the Seed option. 

To add more groups to the event you can either do it under SCHEDULE or simply just add the correct number of groups under SEEDING.

1. Add all athletes to the start list. For more information, see the CREATE START LISTS guide. 

2. Click on the Seed button in the upper right corner of the start list.

3. Select all the parameters you need for your seeding and click Seed. You can always manually change the groups by using drag and drop to assign/change participants to the groups.

Seed parameters:

Sort (sorting parameter for the summary list)

- First name

- Last name

- Seeding basis

Summary visibility (selects what you want to see in the summary list)

- Show all

- Show unseeded

Seeding basis (selects what the seeding is based upon)

- Personal best

- Season best

- Qualifying result (only used if seeding is based on a previous round, e.g., heat-->final)

Lane configuration

- select the relevant lanes 

Seeding method (click here for details of all seeding methods)

- Alphabetical (BIB)

- Alphabetical (last name)

- Circle

- Manual

- Random

- Timed / Results (Timed for track events and Results for field events)

- Timed oval (Indoor) (only for track events)

- Zig-zag (the official IAAF sanctioned method)

Separate teammates 

- used to avoid teammates from the same heats/groups if an option to separate

Lane assignment / Order assignment (click here for details of all lane/order assignment methods)

- Alphabetical (BIB)

- Alphabetical (last name)

- Best-to-worst (only field events)

- Half & half (only track events)

- Half & pairs (IAAF standard) (only track events)

- Manual

- Pairs (only track events)

- Pairs oval (Indoor) (only track events)

- Random

- Standard alley (only track events)

- Waterfall (only track events)

- Worst-to-best (only field events)

Number of groups

- Select the number of heats/groups

4. For sprints events, lanes are assigned automatically based on the position of an athlete in the group's start list, but they can be changed manually in the start list overview.

PS: For track events with more than one runner per lane (e.g., 800m) you need to set which lanes have two runners: