Do you want to test the platform before organising your first competition with Roster? Add a test meet/meeting and check out all the features we have.

To add a test meet/meeting, follow the Set up a meeting guide, and exclude the meet/meeting from the search results (public website and mobile app). To do so, go to the Details tab and under the Extra heading, change the Visibility in search results field from Include to Exclude.

To see your test meet/meeting on the Roster public website, go to the Details General Public link. Remember the link is available when the Meet/Meeting status is set to Scheduled, Open or Finished.

Please note: To be able to see the competition in the Roster Athletics mobile app:

  1. Change the Visibility in search results to Include.
  2. Set the Meet/Meeting status to Open.
  3. Search for the meet/meeting in the Roster Athletics app, and open it by clicking its name.
  4. Click the Follow button.
  5. Return to the competition manager browser window and change the visibility in search results back to Exclude.
  6. You will find your test competition in the app in the Followed tab.

Once your test meet/meeting is added and hidden for regular users, you can continue testing the platform by using all features in the usual way. Check out all our User Guides.

Please note:

  • Do not add fake athletes, relays, clubs or teams (there is no separate database for test meet/meetings, so please do not add data that could be incorrect, including fake names, incorrect dates of birth, etc.).
  • When adding (real) athletes, try adding full birth dates and correct genders.
  • Remember the above also when importing a CSV file with start lists. Please check the Checklist for importing CSV entries guide to see what you should pay attention to.
  • We recommend adding the word TEST to the meet/meeting name.
  • To test registration, you must first enable a Stripe account by providing the correct information for your organisation. Read more in the Organisers: Enabling Stripe account guide.
  • When your test is done, you can remove your test meet/meeting by clicking on the Delete button in the upper right corner of the Details tab. Also, please remember, you cannot remove meet/meetings with enabled registration.