The Roster Athletics Meets website is the main interface for athletes, coaches, parents, and clubs, where they can find all information and register participants for meets/meetings organized/organised on the Roster Athletics Platform. This user guide covers the main features including how to create your account and register for your first competition.

Please note: the screenshots and description of some activities may not exactly reflect the operation of the website if you are using a mobile device.

The guide is organized/organised as follows:

To start go to the website.

Searching for meets/meetings

The default view displays a set of filters that you can use to find your meets/meetings of interest and a list of Highlights meets/meetings.

Find your meet/meeting by typing the name in the Search field or using the Country (you can select the My country option to find meets/meetings based on your current location) and Date fields (you can easily set the range to the past or next week or month).

The system shows the meet/meeting date and start time in the meet/meeting time zone, but you can toggle it to your time zone by clicking on the date and time of the meet/meeting.

If you have found the meet/meeting for which you want to register, click on its name or the View link.

Meet/Meeting view

Once you are in a meet/meeting, you will see meet/meeting details and multiple tabs below. 

The About tab includes two sections:

  • About - text information about the competition (the field can be empty if the organizer/organiser has not provided any information).
  • Meet/Meeting manual - PDF file with all detailed information related to the meet/meeting (the field can be empty if the organizer/organiser has not uploaded the file). 


The Events tab lists all events sorted by gender and event name. Next to each event are the following columns:

  • Gender - event's gender,
  • Age group - event's age group,
  • Registration (optional) - registration status (if enabled),
  • Price (optional) - if registration is enabled,
  • Qualification standard (optional) - qualification standard mark that must be met by the participant for this event before approval.
  • Max. participants (optional) - the maximum number of participants that can register,
  • Day (optional) - the day the event starts (for the lowest stage).

The registration status may be as follows:

  • Pending - initial state, not yet open to public registration.
  • Open - registration is open for sign-ups. Click on it to go to the Registration tab.
  • Closed - registration is closed and not open to any more sign-ups.
  • Excluded - these events are not open to public registration. 

The Search tab allows you to search by the athlete name, relay team or club/team. With this tab, you can see your athlete's results from all events in the same view without opening the results.

Click the athlete or relay name to go to the start list or results.

Schedule/Start lists/Results

The Schedule/Start lists/Results tab includes the list of events with all start lists and results. You can filter the list by the event name, date, gender and age group. Click the event name to go to the start list and results. 


The Participants tab lists all athletes and relay teams that are on the start lists of all events.

There are a set of filters to select from, followed by a set of fields to sort from.

The data filters include the Event type, the name of the Club/school affiliation, the Country, the Age group, and the Gender. You can also hide individual disciplines of the combined event.

Once a set of filters (or no filters) have been chosen, you can sort the athletes according to several fields, including Gender, Event, Club/school, Country, Participant/athlete name, Bib number, Age group, event Start time, PBs or SBs. To enable a sorting field, simply press on the oval field and you will see it turn a blue shade. You can enable multiple sorting fields, and the priority of the fields is taken from the left-hand side to the right-hand side. You can drag and drop the fields accordingly to your preferred order of importance.

Participants or coaches can quickly review the entire list of athletes and ensure everything is in order.

Please note: the list of participants does not refresh automatically after making changes to the start lists. Please wait a moment to see the updated lists.


To register yourself or someone else for the meet/meeting, click the Registration button. Click Log in to see the list of your managed athletes and relays. If you do not have an account yet, click Sign up and refer to the Participants: Creating and managing your account guide for details on setting this up.

Once logged in, you must accept the Terms and Conditions and/or Anti-doping Declaration provided by the organizer/organiser. This step is not mandatory if the organizer/organiser has not provided the Terms and Conditions or Anti-doping Declaration for this meet/meeting.

You may also be asked to add your contact details (e-mail address and phone number). It's important so that organizers/organisers can reach out to you in case of any schedule changes or questions regarding your registrations, however, you may choose not to provide your contact details.

Managing athletes and relay teams

After accepting the terms, you can see the list of all athletes and relays you manage and can register for the meet/meeting. If the athlete/relay you want to sign up for is not on your list, click the Add athlete/relay button or go to the Account Athletes & relays and create a new athlete/relay. Please see the Participants: Creating and managing your account user guide for more details.

Please be aware that you can hide (or restore hidden) athletes/relays on the Athletes & relays list if they are not active anymore.

Picking events

To register an athlete/relay, click on the Select events link visible next to the athlete's/relay's name. You will see a new Pick events window.

The list shows all applicable events that the selected athlete/relay can choose from, which entails the events that fit the athlete's/relay's gender and athlete's age group (if age group verification is enabled). You can filter the list of events by clicking the Event column name.

Before picking events, please select a club/school if applicable. To do this, click on Add a club to the profile below the athlete's name and add the correct club/school to the athlete's profile. For more information on how to add clubs/schools to the athlete profile, see the Participants: Creating and managing your account guide.

If an athlete is a member of multiple clubs, you can switch between them by clicking on the club name and selecting the right name from the list.

If an athlete is not a member of any club, select the Unattached option in the athlete profile.

You can edit club assignments at any time (even after registration). To do this, click on the Select events link. 

To pick an event, click on the checkbox located on the right in the row of the respective event. Clicking the checkbox will make PB, SB, and Message fields active. If the checkbox is not clickable, the registration for the event has not yet started or has been closed.

To add PB and SB records, type results in (for example, 2:19:20 for a marathon or 10.95 for 100m) or formats (with a period as a separator). Once entered, records can only be changed if the athlete/relay has not yet been approved by the organizer/organiser (Pending approval status). Changing the record is only possible by entering a better result.

If the event has a qualification standard, you will need to enter the appropriate records to be able to register. Depending on the status of the qualification standard verification set by the organizer/organiser, you will not be able to register for the event if your record does not meet the standard (Strict) or you will be able to register (Open).

If the organizer/organiser enabled the option allowing participants to provide their own BIB number, you must add the BIB in the BIB number field. You can add the same or different BIB numbers for each event.

From the Pick events window, you can also send a message to the organizer/organiser. Click on the Message icon to notify the organizer/organiser regarding any additional support information or reasonable adjustments you would like the organizer/organiser to know of. 

Sending a message will start a special chat with the organizer/organiser. You can open it by clicking the message icon under the Msg column. The icon will be light grey if there are no messages, dark grey if there are no new messages and blue if there are unread messages. You will receive an email notification if there is a new message from the organizer/organiser. 

You can register a single athlete/relay to several events at once. When you have selected all the appropriate events, click the Register button. If registering more than one athlete/relay, repeat the above steps for all athletes/relays.

Selecting relay members

If you register a relay, you can add relay members to the team. To do so, click on the icon placed below the relay name. 

In the Relay members window, click the Add button. In the new window, click the plus icon next to the athletes you want to select for your team. 

Please note: You can add members to the relay only from the list of athletes associated with your account. If an athlete is missing, add him/her to your account by following the steps described above.

When you select all relay members, click the Close button. If you wish to change the order, click the Reorder button and the arrow icons to change the athletes' positions. When ready, click the Save order button.

Please note: You can add, remove or change the order of the relay members until the event start time or the check-in deadline (if the check-in feature is enabled). 

Meet/Meeting entry fee

If the organizer/organiser has set a meet/meeting entry fee, you will see it at the top of the event list. The entry fee will be selected automatically after selecting the first event.

The entry fee is an additional fee to be collected by the organizer/organiser for the first event you sign up for. Any subsequent event for the same athlete will not include this fee.

Please note: The sum of fees for the participation if there is a meeting entry fee will be meet/meeting fee + event price. If you want to register an athlete for two or more events, the sum will be meet/meeting fee + event no. 1 price + event no. 2 price, and so on.


After registering, you will need to take the next step, depending on the status of your registration. The athlete/relay status may be as follows:

  • Pending approval - athlete/relay has been registered and is awaiting approval by the organizer/organiser (the process may take a few seconds if the organizer/organiser has enabled auto-approval and the status will be updated shortly if waiting on this page).
  • Checking licence validity - athlete has been registered and is awaiting the result if their licence is valid for the day of the meet/meeting (this option is visible if the licence verification setting for the meet/meeting is enabled by the organizer/organiser).
  • Approved - athlete/relay has been approved by the organizer/organiser and payment is required (if participation is not free).
  • Rejected - athlete/relay has been rejected by the organizer/organiser and will not be allowed to pay or register for the same event once again.
  • Wait-list - athlete/relay has been moved to the wait list and needs to await the next change of status (this may have happened when the max athletes/relay teams number was reached).
  • Start list - athlete/relay is on the start list, no more action is required unless wanting to resign.
  • Resigned - athlete/relay has resigned from the event.
  • Removed - athlete/relay has been removed from the start list by the organizer/organiser.

You will be informed about each change in status by e-mail as well.


When at least one of your managed athletes/relays has been approved, the payment status is Required, and the statuses of all athletes/relays are not pending, you can proceed to payment by clicking on the Payment button. The payment status may be as follows:

  • No cost - there is no fee for this event.
  • Required - you can pay for this event. Click the Payment button at the bottom of the page to go to the Stripe payment platform.
  • Payment started - once you click on the Payment button, the status of the payment will change to payment started. If you go back from Stripe to the Roster platform without paying, you can click on the Cancel payment button and resign from the event.
  • Payment failed - unsuccessful payment, please try again or contact the organizer/organiser.
  • Payment complete - payment was successful and an athlete/relay is or will be moved to the start list shortly.
  • Refund requested - a participant resigned and requested a refund.
  • Refund started - the organizer/organiser has accepted the refund.
  • Refund rejected - the organizer/organiser has rejected the refund.
  • Refund complete - the refund was successful.

By clicking on the Payment button, you will see the Payment summary window. Check the list and if everything is OK, click on the Pay button. 

Roster Athletics partners with Stripe for secure payments and financial services. Clicking on the Pay button will move you to the Stripe payment view.

The available payment options will be slightly different depending on who is organizing/organising the meet/meeting, what currency is being used, and what browser you are using. The most popular payment options are:

  • Card (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, American Express),
  • Google Pay (not available in Safari),
  • Apple Pay (only available in Safari),
  • Przelewy24 (relevant only for the Polish currency).

Choose the payment option that is convenient for you, fill in the appropriate fields and click the Pay button. Do not close the window. If the payment is successful, you will go back to the Roster platform. The status of the athlete/relay should change to Start list and payment status should be Payment complete. It may take up to 10 minutes for these changes to appear, but is typically much shorter.

Payment with credits

If you have credits in your account, you will see the Pay using credits window after clicking on the Payment button. For entry fees where you don't have enough credits to cover the entire amount, you can apply the credits to make the payment so that you are paying partially with credit and partially with payment. If you do, however, combine credits and payments for an event, and further want a refund, you will only be able receive it as credits.

Credits can be used if the credit amount covers the entirety or only part of the fee. In the latter case, credits will be included on the payment provider page as a discount.

Credits can only be used to pay for participation in meets/meetings organized/organised by the same organizer/organiser who refunded your starting fee in the form of credits in the same currency. Go to the AccountRegistration credits to check your current credits balance.

Resigning and refunding

You can resign from the event before or after the payment. If you resign before the payment (or if there is no cost), you can resign by clicking on the three dots on the far right-hand column and selecting Resign.

In the above case, you cannot resign from an event if it is less than 2 hours before its start.

Please note: You will not be able to re-register to the event you have resigned from, if your status was other than Pending approval.

If you want to resign after the payment, you can do so by clicking on the three dots on the far right-hand column and select Resign & request refund

In the new Resign & request refund window, you can decide what kind of refund you want to receive.

By selecting Payment method refund, you will receive the full amount for the event less any applicable transaction fees (e.g., credit card fee, Roster service fee).

By selecting Organizer/Organiser credits, the full amount will be credited to your account. You can use the credits in the same meet/meeting for a different event, or any future meet/meeting organized/organised by the same organizer/organiser.

Please note: once you have resigned from this event, you cannot sign up for the same event in this meet/meeting again. To do so, you will need to contact the organizer/organiser.

If the meet/meeting entry fee is refundable, you can request a refund if you resign from all your events, and the organizer/organiser resolves all events refund requests.