As a first time participant signing up for a meet/meeting on Roster, you must create your account to register yourself or someone else (if you are a coach, parent, or manager) for meets/meetings. This guide will show you how to create and manage your account. 

The guide is organized/organised as follows:

Signing up for an account

To get started, go to the page and provide required information, such as your country and full date of birth. We are required to ask for your details to comply with privacy regulations.

If your age meets the conditions for creating an account in your country, you can decide to sign up with Google, Apple, Facebook accounts or with Email. If you choose to sign up with Email, you can still link your Google, Apple, Facebook account later in the account settings.

Regardless of your chosen option, you must provide information about yourself in the next step.

If you sign up with Email, add your email address and create a new password. You will automatically be sent a verification email. Finalize the signup by typing in the code or following the activation link in the email.

After verifying and accepting the Platform Terms and Conditions, you can now log in.

Managing your account

Once logged in, you will see a new Account tab in the upper right corner of the webpage. Click on it to see the accounts overview.


The first tab lists all the meets/meetings for which you have registered yourself, your athletes or relays. Click on the View button to go to the meet/meeting's registration view, where you can, for example, resign from participating after registering, and ask for a refund.

Managed athletes and relay teams

The Athletes & relays tab lists all athletes and relay teams assigned to your account. The list will be empty by default.

Creating a new athlete/relay

To add a new athlete or relay team to the list of athletes and relays you are managing or signing up for, click the Add athlete/relay button and select the desired option. 

If you are creating the athlete profile for yourself, you can pre-fill the details with the information provided when you created your account. To do so, click the Myself button.

You will see a Create new athlete (or Create new relay team) window appear.

To add a new athlete, you must add the First name, Last name, Date of birth and select the applicable Gender, Country, and Club/school (all these fields are mandatory). You can also add a Middle name. The Year of birth field will be filled in automatically based on the date of birth.

Please be aware that if you select the United States as a country, you will see a new Grade field appear as optional.

To add a new relay team, you must add the Long name, Short name and select the applicable Gender and Country (all these fields are mandatory). You can also select the club/school.

To assign a club/school to an athlete, click the Add club/school button in the Club/school association section and find your club/school in the Select club/school window. You can add as many clubs/schools as needed. To do this, click the Add club/school button again and select the club/school. You can select/change the primary club if the athlete has multiple clubs on the list.

Can't find the club or school you are looking for? You can add a new club to the database by adding Club/school name, City, and Country. You can also let us know at Please state the full club/school name, city, and country in the email.

If an athlete is not a member of any club, select the Unattached option.

If you add a disabled athlete, you can choose one or two Para classes (one T-class and one F-class) from the fields at the bottom of the window.

After adding all of the data, click on the Save button.

Editing athletes

If you have added a new athlete correctly or just clicked on the athlete's name on the list, you will see an athlete's profile with a menu containing Personal, Licence, Records, and Sharing links. 

In the Personal tab, in addition to previously added information, you will find the option to add photos. To add a new photo, click the Upload button and upload a photo of the athlete. All photos are verified by Roster Athletics Staff and will only be displayed once approved.

Face photo will be used as the avatar, for example displayed next to athlete's name on a start list. Profile photo will be used when viewing athlete's profile in the Roster app. It doesn't need to focus on the head.

Please note: Roster Athletics will only accept images of the actual athlete (i.e. no avatars, etc.). By uploading an image, you represent and warrant that you have the ownership rights or have obtained all necessary licenses or permissions from any relevant parties to use the image. This includes obtaining the right to grant us the right to use the image as an athlete photo in start lists and results for athletics meets/meetings. You accept full responsibility for avoiding infringement of the intellectual property or personal rights of others in connection with this image.

Under Licence, you can add a new licence number for that athlete. Currently, only licence numbers for Athletics Northern Ireland, England & Wales Athletics, Scottish Athletics, Greek Athletics, New Zealand and World Athletics can be added. The licence numbers for England & Wales Athletics should be added automatically when adding an athlete to the platform, as Roster Athletics is synchronized with the Trinity database.

Under Records, you can see the personal and season records of the athlete, which have been either updated from the Tilastopaja statistic database (if an athlete has a Tilastopaja ID), added by Roster Staff, added by organizers/organisers, or added by you. To add your records, click on the Add records button. 

In the new Add new PB & SB window, select the season, event, and implement (if relevant). Type in the record in the proper format. Your records will be marked as added by Registrant.

You can switch between metric and imperial (feet-inches) units in the lower-left corner.

In the Sharing tab, you can type in the code from the Roster Athletics app to link the registration athlete profile with the mobile app. By doing this sharing step, you will now be able to confirm the start using a mobile device (if the option is enabled for the meet/meeting by the organizer/organiser). Read more in the How to link athlete profiles for mobile check-in guide. You can link an athlete's profile with several app accounts. You can also unshare by clicking Remove.

Registration credits

The last tab lists all the organizers/organisers whose resignation credits you have accrued. You can use the credits when signing up for the next meet/meeting from the specific organizer/organiser on the list.

To use your credits, find a meet/meeting from the organizer/organiser from which you have credits, and register for the meet/meeting. Once your athlete or athletes are approved, you can pay with these credits. To do so, click on the Payment button, and if you have credits, you will see the Pay using credits window. Select the Use credits button to pay with credits.

Credits can be used if the credit amount covers the entirety or only part of the fee. In the latter case, credits will be included on the payment provider page as a discount.


Users can edit basic information about themselves, change their password, select display settings, and link their accounts to Apple, Google, and Facebook. To do this, open the user menu by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the webpage and select Profile & Settings.


To edit the user name, e-mail address, or phone number, select Profile from the menu options. 

Specific changes require entering your password to confirm. If you have signed up with Google, Apple, or Facebook, you must create a password in the Password tab.


To change the date and time display formats, select Display from the menu options.

Change the displayed date format by selecting the desired one from the Date format menu. There are four date formats, where DD means date, MM means month, and YYYY means year:


Change the displayed time format by selecting the desired one from the Time format menu. There are two time formats: 

  • 24h (e.g. 16:15)
  • 12h (e.g. 11:15 AM)

The selected formats will be used when searching for meet/meeting by date, in meet/meeting details, or when creating a new athlete.


To change your password, select Password from the user menu options. 

If you have registered using a single sign on method, you must create a new password by pressing the Create a password button. It will send you an email with a link to create a password for your account.


To use a Google, Apple, or Facebook account to log in to the platform, link the account with your Roster account under the SSO tab. You can also unlink your account if you signed up with Google, Apple, or Facebook (be sure to create a password before doing so).

Deleting an account

You can delete your account by going to the Delete tab and pressing the Delete button. Remember deleting your account cannot be undone.


To change the platform's language, select Language from the user menu and choose your desired one or select it from the list at the bottom of the page.