Assign and allocate bibs to athletes in your meeting through the Meetings BIB allocation page.

Here, you are able to:

  1. Organize/organise your list of meeting participants according to your preferred set of sorting methods and filters.
  2. Assign bibs to athletes via this organization/organisation.
  3. Generate summary PDF and CSV files with athlete information and bib numbers, including printable bib numbers that can be applied directly to the participants.

This guide is divided into the following sections below:

We will cover how to organize/organise the athletes list and how to assign bibs in the method appropriate for your meeting. The general steps are as follows:

  1. Sort and group the list of participants per your preference.
  2. Filter the resultant list, if needed.
  3. Allocate bibs according to the above and your selected bib type, and save.
  4. Make any necessary adjustments to individuals or groups as needed, and re-save.

Bib allocations are either unlocked (editable) or locked (saved) to better facilitate updating bib numbers for a specific group of participants while keeping bib numbers for the rest of the participant field intact. When assigned and saved, the bibs will be locked. To change the bib number, the bib allocation must be first unlocked, then changed and saved, which will result in the bib being locked again. Details are covered below.

Sorting and grouping athletes list

First sort and group the list of athletes per your preference, which will include all athletes and relay teams by default if no filters are initially selected. The sort function allows for 3 levels of sorting to ensure that your participants list can be organized/organised to your exact preference and thus assign bibs in the corresponding order.

Sorting options include the following:

  • Sort by (1st level) choices, when applicable for your meeting:
    • Age group - sort according to age group.
    • Club (or school) - sort by club or school.
    • Country - sort by country.
    • Event - sort according to event.
    • Gender - sort according to gender.
    • Name (First, Last) - sort by first name, then last name.
    • Name (Last, First) - sort athletes list by last name, then first name.
    • Team - sort by team (only when Team competitions are enabled).
  • Then by (2nd level) choices:
    • Nothing - no additional sorting.
    • Personal Best (only if Event is selected at 1st level) - sort by participant's PB.
    • Season Best (only if Event is selected at 1st level) - sort by participant's SB.
    • All options from above, except for the choice selected on 1st sort level.
  • Then by (3rd level) choices:
    • Nothing - no additional sorting.
    • All sorting options from above, except for the choices selected on 1st and 2nd sort levels.

Once a sort option is selected or changed, Save the changes in order set this view as the current default view. Press Reset to undo changes and return to previously saved state.

In the example screenshot above, note that the athletes list is first sorted by Country, then ordered by Name (Last, First). The 3rd and last sorting option is not selected (Nothing).

Please note: English language conventions are used for name sorting. Special characters are handled correspondingly via these conventions.

Filtering sorted list

After sorting and organizing/organising the participants list, you can further filter the list to find a specific group of athletes, if needed. The default setting shows all athletes and does not apply any filters.

Filtering options include the following:

  • Filter by name: type in the first or last name, or portion of the name.
  • Filter by state:
    • All - default.
    • Duplicates - list all participants with duplicate bib numbers. Note that a red warning (!) will also appear at the top header near the meeting name when this occurs.
    • Locked - list all assigned and saved bib allocations.
    • Multiple allocations - list of athletes that have been assigned multiple bibs in multiple events.
    • Not allocated - list all athletes that do not have a bib assigned
    • Unsaved - list all athletes with corresponding bibs that are unlocked or have been added/edited but not yet saved.
  • Filter by header:
    • All - default.
    • Sub-options that can be applied as a filter from the 1st level sort category selected previously (Please note that Event, Age group, or Team can be excluded from specific filter headings when any athlete has multiple affiliations for any of these categories, which instead can be viewed via the sorted list without filters).
  • Clear filters - clears all filters

As an example of using the filter, we wish to find all the participants from France in our meeting. We have sorted our athletes list by Country at the first sorting level, as seen above. From the Country selection, all relevant countries of athletes will appear as Filter by header options. We thus choose France from the header list to view all the athletes from France.

The same method can be applied to filter and find the athletes for a specific event, e.g. Sort by Event, then apply a filter by selecting the event of choice, say the 100m from the Filter by header options. Please note: for events, the filter heading only appears if each athlete starts in only one event and not in multiple events. If an athlete is in multiple events, the event filter header will not appear - you can go to the event of interest in the main Sort by Event list. Similar filter by heading behavior applies to any athlete competing in multiple age groups or on multiple teams simultaneously.

Allocating bibs

Now that the athletes list has been sorted (and filtered) per your preference, you are ready to allocate bibs.

There are two ways to allocate bibs - by a bib number or last name. Click on the BIB type to see the options.

  • BIB type
    • Last name - uses the athlete's last name as their bib number.
    • Number - assigns a bib number as follows below.

If Number is chosen as BIB type, an additional input box will appear.

  • First number - input the starting number for the first athlete on your list or group. All subsequent participants will be incremented by 1, in order, for the list or group. 
  • Allocate button - press the button to allocate the bibs to your list or group according to the starting number. Note that bibs will be assigned to only participants with unlocked bibs.

In this example, we will be assigning bibs by country then last name, in serial order, starting with bib number 1.

After pressing the Allocate button, bib numbers are assigned in the BIB column.

Upon checking that the bib allocations are as planned, press Save to save and lock the allocations. Please note that you can unlock any individual bib assignment or group, as will be shown below.

Note that you may get a warning upon pressing the Allocate button if you have any previously locked entries. If so, go ahead and Proceed when ready, then hit Save. Once saved, the bibs will now be locked and a lock symbol will appear next to each locked bib.

Note in this example, the allocation First number is now defaulted to 9, as there are 8 athletes participating in this meeting with bibs assigned, and 9 is the the next available bib number for newly added athletes or relay teams. The First number value can be changed at any time.

Editing Individual BIB assignments

Any individual athlete's BIB number can be assigned or edited on its own. Go to the athlete of interest and over to the BIB column. The entry may be unassigned or locked with an entry already. To unlock, simply press on the lock symbol and the field will be unlocked and editable.

You can Save an edited value or a cleared field with no bib value.

Please note: you can manually assign either a number (e.g. 2), name (e.g. NAVNESEN), or a combination of your choice as the field is text-editable (e.g. 2 - NAVNESEN or NAVNESEN 2, etc.). Furthermore, any entry can be edited in this way.

Special case: you can create 2 different bib numbers for a single athlete if they are competing in multiple events. To do this, find the athlete of interest and go across to the Events column.

In this example, we wish to assign athlete Navn Navnesen a different bib number for the 200m event.

 Click on the event that you wish to assign a different bib number for this athlete. Here, we will click on the 200m.

You will be asked to verify that a new bib number will be created.

Upon pressing Create to confirm, a new row entry with the same athlete will appear, but now just for the selected event, the 200m.

In our example, we can see that the 200m event for Navn Navnesen is now a new entry in which a new bib number can be assigned, separate from his other event. We will enter in the bib number for this event, bib 3000 for this example, and hit Save to create this bib entry.

Now we can see that Navn Navnesen has bib number 3000 for the 200m, and bib number 2 for the 100m.

Note this additional bib can be removed by pressing on the trash can symbol, which will then revert back to the original bib number, bib number 2 in our example, for the 100m event.

Editing group BIB assignments

Each sorted and filtered group's BIB numbers can be assigned or edited independently. Each grouping has a 3 dots menu option on the far right hand side of the group header name.

Pressing this icon will allow you to clear all bibs or unlock all bibs in this group. Once the group is cleared or unlocked, the bib numbers for this group can now be allocated.

In our example, we will change the athletes from Denmark to start at bib number 2000 by first unlocking bibs for just this group, and then allocating bib numbers for this group starting with bib number 2000.

Once unlocked for this group, we can now set the First number for this group to be 2000 and Allocate.

Upon re-allocating bibs for this group, a warning will appear, letting you know that all locked entries will not be changed. Since only this group is being edited, Proceed when ready and then Save.

Our example now has our Danish athletes with bibs assigned starting from 2000. This same methodology can be applied to any group using the sort ordering mechanism by country, club, school, event, team, etc.

Editing all BIB assignments

To clear or unlock all assigned bibs, click on the top row header 3-dots menu. You will be presented options to Unlock all bib assignments or Clear all bib assignments.

Once unlocked or cleared, either make the desired changes or re-allocations to the bib numbers and Save or Reset to undo this action.

Generate PDF and CSV athlete summary lists with assigned bibs

Once bibs are allocated, you can generate summary files by pressing the Generate CSV & PDF button.

Click the Download button to see the three types of files that you can now access:

  • BIBs + overview (PDF)
  • Overview (PDF)
  • CSV

Please note: after making any added or edited saved changes to the bib allocation or sort view, you will need to re-generate the files in order to download the latest versions with the updates.

Examples of the generated summaries

Sort by event:

Sort by club:

Printable BIBs:

Assigning bib numbers through CSV

Bibs can also be assigned using the CSV athlete upload functionality. Please see the Add athletes from a CSV file user guide for details on using this functionality.

When uploading athletes with bib numbers in the CSV, you will see a warning that all locked athlete bibs will NOT be overwritten with the upload. These athlete bibs, if already assigned in the platform, will first need to be cleared in the platform before they can be added via CSV upload.