Under the Initial records main tab, you can enable multiple types of records, if applicable, to your meet/meeting. You can set records per event, gender and age group.

The guide is divided into two sections:

Enabling records 

To enable records for your meet/meeting, click the Enable/disable records button. 

To select a record, click the checkbox next to the record name and save all the changes.

Available records:

  • Championship record (CR)
  • Club record (CLR)
  • Collegiate record (CollR)
  • Course record (CoR)
  • Facility record (FR)
  • High school record (HiR)
  • League record (LeR)
  • Meeting record (MR)
  • National record (NR)

  • Olympic Games qualifying mark (OGQ)

  • Personal best (PB)

  • Regional record (RegR)

  • School record (SchR)

  • Season best (SB)

  • World best (WB)

  • World lead (WL)

  • World record (WR)

Please note: If you use mixed events and/or events with multiple age groups, you must first add athletes to the start list to see events for specific gender or age group.

You can add values without punctuation if the Auto-format records option is enabled.

If the Roster fantasy game is enabled for your meet/meeting, players will be awarded bonus points if an athlete on their Roster improves their PB, SB, MR or WR.

The system automatically sets all world records (WR) for the senior groups (if they exist).

National records

If you enable National records, you must select the countries for which you want to add records. To do so, click the Manage NR countries button and select all applicable countries. To remove a country, click its name on the Selected list.

You can filter the list of all initial records by national and non-national records using the Record type field. You can also use Sport event or Age group filters (only one of these two filters can be active at a time).