You can create PDF files and printouts for the schedule, start lists, results, score sheets, lap sheets and team results either under the Details of the meet/meeting by clicking on the Generate PDF button or in the schedule, start lists and results views.

This user guide is divided into three sections below:

Generating PDF files under Details

To generate a PDF file under Details, click the Generate PDF button on the left-hand side.

Clicking the button will open the PDF generation dialogue. Here, you will be able to generate the following:

  • Schedule
  • Start lists (all events)
  • Results (all events)
  • Score sheets (field and/or track events)
  • Lap sheets (all relevant events)
  • Team results (if team competitions are enabled)

Depending on the type, you can select additional options:

  • Scope (available for Score sheets) - print all events, only field events or only track events.
  • Order (Start lists, Results, and Score sheets) - allows you to sort events by name or start time.
  • Language - decide in what language the file should be generated.
  • Units (Start lists, Results and Score sheets) - metric or imperial (ft-in).
  • Lap distance (Lap sheets).
  • Participants per page (Lap sheets) - three or four participants.
  • Ignore visibility settings - by selecting this option, you can still print hidden events if you hide them using the Event visibility feature (for more information, see the Event visibility guide).
  • Summary breakdowns (Start lists and Results) - the file will be generated with age group and gender breakdowns if selected.
  • Compact layout (Start lists and Results) - the file will be generated in a compact format if selected.

When your setup is ready, click the Generate button. It will open the print dialogue where you can print the file, as well as select additional options depending on your browser. Here are some examples:

  • Select Headers and footers to include generation timestamps, pages and a meet/meeting name.
  • Change the Scale if you want to use a smaller or bigger font.
  • Select Save as PDF if you want to save the file and publish it on your website.

Generating PDF files under the Schedule

To generate a PDF file under the Schedule, click the Generate PDF button. It will open the same dialogue as in the Details page with all the corresponding options as described above.

Generating a PDF file under the Schedule will prepare the total schedule for all genders.

Generating PDF files under the Start lists and Results

To generate a PDF file under either the Start lists and Results views, click on the icon in the upper right corner of the page and select Generate PDF. It will open the same dialogue as in the Details page, with additional options to generate files per event or group of events.

Depending on where you open the PDF generation dialogue, it will preselect the type and scope of the file so you can easily generate a file for the current group, stage or the whole event.