You can enable the fantasy game for your meet/meeting under the Extra heading in the Details of the meet/meeting. This can be done when you add a new meet/meeting or edit an existing meet/meeting.


1. Change the Fantasy game status from Disabled to Enabled.

2. Enter a fantasy team budget under the Fantasy game budget. You can edit this field up until the time you change the status of the meet/meeting to Open.

If you enable the fantasy game, a ROSTER tab will appear in the Roster Athletics app, from which users can select the athletes for their fantasy teams.

3. During and after the meet/meeting, you can use a few options to inform users about the status of the Roster fantasy game. To find these options, click the Jobs link in the left-hand menu.

Inspect every roster: start lists - this option allows you to inspect every roster and remove athletes no longer on start lists. If the roster is changed, a user will receive a notification.

Inspect every rosters: budgets - this option allows you to inspect the budget of every roster. If a user's roster is over budget, he/she will receive a notification.

Calculate final rankings - this is a practical option to calculate all rankings after all the results have been entered. However, usually all rankings should be correctly updated automatically a few minutes after the last competition ends.

Notify about final results - after all of the results have been compiled, you can notify users about the final results.

5. During and after the meet/meeting, you can check information about the top 20 fantasy game players by clicking the Ranking in the left-hand menu.

The following events are excluded from the fantasy game:

  • Relays
  • Mixed gender events
  • Events not within the categories of Sprint/Distance/Throw/Jump
  • Multi age group events

Note on price calculations: prices on athletes are based on the athlete’s current form (SB), personal best, and the spread between the best athlete in the world and the one in 50th/100th place on the global ranking for that event.