You can enable the fantasy game for your meeting under the Extra heading in the Details of the meeting. This can be done when you add a new meeting or edit an existing meeting.


1. Change the Fantasy game status from Disabled to Enabled.


2. Enter a fantasy team budget under the Fantasy game budget. You can edit this field up until the time you change the status of the meeting to Open.

3. A new section and menu item called Stats will appear if you enable the fantasy game. You can use the information in Stats, which includes average athlete prices, to assist you in setting the fantasy team budget (e.g., 8 to 10 times the average athlete price = budget).


If you enable the fantasy game, a ROSTER tab will appear in the Roster Athletics app from which users can select the athletes for their fantasy teams.

4. During and after the meeting you can use a few options to inform users about the status of the Roster fantasy game. To find these options, click on the Jobs link in the left-hand side menu.

Validate Rosters - start lists - this option allows you to inspect every roster, and remove athletes that are no longer on start lists. If the roster is changed, a user will receive a notification.

Validate Rosters - budgets - this option allows you to inspect the budget of every roster. If a user's roster is over budget, he/she will receive a notification.

Calculate final rankings - this is a useful option to calculate all rankings after all of the results have been entered.

Send final results notification - after all of the results have been compiled, you can send a notification to users about the final results.

5. During and after the meeting you can check information about the top 20 fantasy game players by clicking on the Ranking in the left-hand side menu.

The following events are excluded from the fantasy game:

  • Relays
  • Mixed gender events
  • Events not within the categories of Sprint/Distance/Throw/Jump
  • Multi age group events

Note on price calculations: prices on athletes are based on the athlete’s current form (SB), personal best, as well as the spread between the best athlete in the world and the one who is in 50th/100th place on the global ranking for that event.