All results of a meeting can be saved to a CSV file by using the Export CSV tool. You will find the tool in the left-hand-side of the Details page. 

This guide is divided into two sections:

Exporting the CSV file

Export the CSV file with results by clicking on the Import/Export CSV button and then choosing Export results (new)

The exported file will have meeting-X-results.csv name, where X is a meeting ID number.

Please note: The file is saved in the UTF-8 CSV format.

Explanation of the columns in the CSV file

Once you have downloaded the CSV file, it can now be opened. Please refer to this link for tips on how to open a CSV file in Excel:

The file will contain the following columns of information:

  • MeetingName - The meeting's name.
  • MeetingDate - The meeting's start date and start time.
  • VenueName - The name of the venue where the meeting takes place.
  • Organiser - The name of the organisation that created the meeting.
  • City - The name of the city where the meeting takes place.
  • Country - The name of the country where the meeting takes place (in English). 
  • Season - The season selected in the meeting's settings (the only options are Outdoor or Indoor).
  • EntryId - A unique number of the athlete or relay.
  • StartListId - A unique number for the event list. 
  • Title - The title for an event. 
  • RelayTeamName (relevant only for relay events) - The name of the relay team.
  • NationalRelayTeam (relevant only for relay events) - Information if it is a national relay (the only options are true or false).
  • FullName - The athlete's full name. 
  • FirstName - The athlete's first name.
  • MiddleName - The athlete's middle name.
  • LastName - The athlete's last name.
  • Gender - The athlete's gender (the only options are Male or Female).
  • EventGender - The event's gender (the only options are Male, Female, or Mixed). 
  • CountryCode - Three-letter abbreviation of the country (e.g., USA, FRA, CHN, SWE). 
  • YearOfBirth - The athlete's year of birth in four digits (e.g., 1995).
  • DateOfBirth - The athlete's date of birth in the format of YYYY-MM-DD
  • SchoolGrade - The athlete's grade (only for school meets in the United States).
  • TilastopajaId - The athlete's ID for the Tilastopaja Database.
  • RelayId (relevant only for members of relay events) - The relay's EntryId.
  • EventStart - The start time of the event in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format (e.g., 2020-02-14 15:55:00).
  • EventCode - Event code. 
  • EventName - Event name.
  • AgeGroup - The athlete's age group. 
  • EventStage - Event stage which can be Qualification, Preliminary, Heat, Semi-Final, or Final.
  • EventGroup - The group's number (0 if the event includes only one group).
  • TeamName - The name of the team (if it is a team competition).
  • TeamName2 - If the meeting includes several team competitions (optional).
  • TeamName3 - If the meeting includes several team competitions (optional).
  • ShortClubName - The short name of the club or school for which the athlete is competing.
  • ClubName - The name of the club or school for which the athlete is competing.
  • BibNumber - Bib or start number for the athlete.
  • PersonalBest - The athlete's personal best. 
  • SeasonBest - The athlete's season's best.
  • StartStatus - The athlete's status which can be OK, DQ, DNF, NM, or DNS.
  • Lane - The athlete's lane or position on the start list if it is a non-lane event.
  • Place - The athlete's place in the summary ranking.
  • Promotion - information about qualifications which can be Q or q.
  • ResultStatus - The result status.
  • ResultRecord - The athlete's record (SB, =SB, PB, =PB, MR, =MR, WR, =WR).
  • Result - The athlete's result.
  • ReactionTime (relevant only for sprint events) - The athlete's reaction time if it is a sprint event. 
  • SplitTime (relevant only for relay events) - The athlete's split time if it is a relay event. 
  • LapTime (relevant only for relay events) - The athlete's lap time if it is a relay event. 
  • CombinedPoints (relevant only for combined events) - The number of points that an athlete gets for the result from the Result column.
  • WindReading (relevant only for sprint events) - Wind in sprint events.
  • PositionHeat - The athlete's place in the group. 
  • HeatName - The number of the group (0 if the event includes only one group).
  • Round1Status (relevant only for field events, except HJ/PV) - The result status in round 1 (ok, x, -, or r).
  • Round1Record - The athlete's record achieved in round 1 (SB, =SB, PB, =PB, MR, =MR, WR, =WR).
  • Round1Result - The result from round 1. 
  • Round1Attempts (relevant only for HJ/PV events) - The result status in the first height (o, x, s, r, or combination of statuses, e.g. xxs).
  • Round1TargetHeight (relevant only for HJ/PV events) - The target height in round 1.
  • Round1Wind (relevant only for sprint and jump events) - Wind in round 1.