Release note - consumer apps - November 21, 2019
Android: v. 2.21.0
iOS: v. 2.21.0

Today's release includes the following new features: 

  • Language support for French, Spanish, Japanese

  • Additionally, we have added lane information where multiple runners are in the same lane, birthdate information for athletes, and indicators for an equalizing record, e.g., =PB.

All the best from the Roster team

Release note - consumer apps - September 19, 2019
Android: v. 2.19.0
iOS: v. 2.19.0

Today we've added the ability to see results for field events in imperial units (feet and inches) even for meetings which are officially measured in metric units. You can choose to see results from field events in imperial units by changing the user settings as shown below.

All the best from the Roster team

Release note - consumer apps - September 7, 2019
Android: v. 2.17.0
iOS: v. 2.17.0

Today we made it a lot easier for you to find the athletes and events you would like to follow. We have added a search functionality inside the meeting view. You can now search for events (e.g., long jump) and athletes (e.g., Michael Norman) within a meet. 

All the best from the Roster team

Release note - consumer apps - August 22, 2019

Android: v. 2.16.0

iOS: v. 2.16.0

Today we added a global news feed to the apps. The global news feed will feature news, background stories, product updates, pictures, videos, etc., and isn't related to any specific athletics meeting. We will also include news from our partner, EME News.

Additionally, we have added support for more youth groups: U8, U10, U12, and U14.

Release note - consumer apps - August 8, 2019

Android: v. 2.15.0-523

iOS: v. 2.15.0-120

Today's release includes language support for Italian and Swedish. 

All the best from the Roster team


Release note - consumer apps - July 27, 2019

Android: v. 2.14.0-520

iOS: v. 2.14.0-119

Today we added several enhancements to the consumer apps (Android and iOS). When you go to start lists in the apps, you will now see lanes for sprint events. Under results, you will also see lanes, together with wind readings and reaction times.

For all events with heats or qualification groups, we have added q and Q so you can easily see who will be competing in the finals. 

Additionally, we have added BIBS for athletes where BIB numbers are shown on the BIBS. Visibility of clubs has been improved so you will now see which club an athlete belongs to. 

Note that in meetings where BIBS show only last names, you will not see BIBS for athletes in the app. 

We hope you will have fun using the apps. If you are an organizer, we hope your fans and spectators will find our enhanced features engaging and useful. 

All the best from the Roster team.