Meet/meeting results can be automatically and directly reported from Roster to statistics services if your federation or organization/organisation has enabled this between Roster and the specific statistics service provider.

For those federations and organizations/organisations with this enabled, an option will be visible under Meeting Details General Reporting results to statistics service.

Choose either Enabled to automatically report results from this meet/meeting to the statistics service or Disabled not to use the automatic results reporting for this meet/meeting.

Once you have enabled this feature, the governing body for your federation/organisation is automatically notified that you request your meet/meeting results be automatically uploaded to the statistics provider. The governing body will thus be able to respond to your request directly through the Roster platform.

The status of this approval is visible in the field Governing body approval.

The status for the governing body approval will be: Pending, Approved, or Rejected.

Should you have any questions regarding the approval status for your meet/meeting, please get in touch with your governing body directly.