To enable a multiple age group and a separate single age group for the same event type, you must add a Title to the multiple age group event, either in the Schedule when using the Roster web admin or through the .csv upload. This will signify that the multiple age group event is separate from the single age group event of the same event type.

This guide is divided into two sections:

Using Roster web admin

An example of the use case is as follows: the meet/meeting has the following age groups and starts lists for women 100m: U18 and U20. Now, the organizer/organiser wishes to add additional female athletes across various age groups (e.g. Senior, U23, M35, etc.) into the meet/meeting for the same 100m event type and have these additional athletes run together. To do this, the organizer/organiser in the Schedule must create a separate, additional 100m event with a specified Title of their choosing, as mentioned above.

In this example, the new group is titled 'Multiple Group'. This new event will have the same age group as the event you just added from, in this example, U18. You can now change the Age group of the titled event to Multiple.

Now the organizer/orgniser has separate 100m events for U18, U20, and a Multiple age group event ('Multiple Group') where they can add athletes from any age group.

Please go to the Set schedule and Setting up multiple age group events user guides for more details on general schedule and multi age group usage.

Using .csv upload

If using .csv upload to create both separate age groups and a multiple age group for the same event type, you must add a Title to each athlete in the multiple age group event in the .csv (see Add athletes from a CSV file guide for more details).

Recall that all athletes in any multiple age group event using .csv upload must have the same StartListID (see Setting up multiple age group events user guide for more details). For this special case, the same event Title is required to be applied to each athlete.

The following simplified .csv example illustrates this requirement. The meet/meeting has separate 100m age group events for U18 and U20. The organizer also adds a separate multiple age group 100m event with 3 athletes of differing age groups (U23, Masters 35, and Senior). In the .csv, all three multiple age group athletes have the same StartListID (4) and event Title (Multiple Group) for this special multiple age group event.

Once uploaded, the age groups and start lists appear as expected:

Note the age groups on the left and the multiple age group start list shown in the main window.

If you do not add a title to the multiple age group event, a warning will appear when uploading the .csv on conflicting age groups for the same event type.