After entering the start lists for your meet/meeting, you can view the entire athletes list in a sortable format.

You can see the list of all participants by clicking on Participants overview in the left-hand side menu.

A new page will appear with the athlete list similar to the following:

There are a set of filters to select from, followed by a set of fields to sort from.

The data filters include the Event type, the name of the Club/school affiliation, the Country, the Age group, and the Gender. You can also hide individual disciplines of the combined event.

Once you have chosen a set of filters (or no filters), you can sort the athletes according to several fields, including Gender, Event, Club/school, Country, Participant/athlete name, Bib number, Age group, event Start time, PBs or SBs. To enable a sorting field, press on the oval field to see it turn a blue shade. You can enable multiple sorting fields, and the priority of the fields is taken from the left-hand side to the right-hand side. You can drag and drop the fields accordingly to your preferred order of importance.

Meeting organizers/organisers and staff can now quickly review the entire list of athletes and ensure everything is in order.

Please note: the list of participants does not refresh automatically after making changes to the start lists. Please use the Reload button or wait a moment to see the updated lists.