After entering the start lists for your meeting, you will now be able to view the entire athletes list in a sortable format.

This feature is enabled through the meeting Details  General  Public overview (public meetings only) field.

Please note: you will see this field only after having created a meeting. The meeting must also be Public (Details → Extra → Privacy) for the athletes list to be viewable.

See the Set up a meeting and Add password user guides for more related details.

To go to the athletes list view, click on the link icon next to the URL. Clicking on the URL itself will copy the weblink to your clipboard. A new page will appear with the athlete list similar to the following:

There are a set of filters to choose from, followed by a set of fields to sort from.

The set of data filters on the left-hand side include the Event type, the name of the Club/school affiliation, the Country, the Age group, and the Gender. You can also hide individual disciplines of the combined event.

Once you have chosen a set of filters (or no filters), you can now sort the athletes according to several fields including CountryGender, Event, Club/school, Participant/athlete name, Bib number, Age group, event Start time, PBs or SBs. To enable a sorting field, simply press on the oval field and you will see it turn a blue shade. You can enable multiple sorting fields and the priority of the fields is taken from the left-hand side to the right-hand side. You can drag and drop the fields accordingly to your preferred order of importance.

Meeting organizers and staff can now easily review the entire list of athletes and ensure everything is in order.