Once in your meeting, select your running or race walking event to start marking your results. You are now on the Events view.

The start list that appears in the app is the one that is set in the Competition Management Platform web admin. Any changes to the start list and start order need to be made in the Roster web admin, which will then automatically propagate to the Meet Mgmt app with an active connection. You can also manually update the start list by swiping down on the screen in the Events view page.

The numbers shown next to the athletes' names are lane numbers (for sprint events) or order numbers (for mass start events).

This guide is divided into a few sections below:

Entering a result

Click on the athlete to enter a result.

When entering values, please note to simply enter numbers without any punctuation. The values will be entered with the most significant digit first. By default, results have 2 decimal place values (unless you set up hand timing in web admin). You can enable 1/1000 precision by clicking on the .sss icon (it allows entering results in HH:MM:SS.sss format).

Please note: If you have a problem with the native keyboard on your android device, you can download an updated keyboard layout from Google Play (e.g. Gboard - the Google Keyboard).


The Status field indicates the current status for the athlete. Upon pressing the Status field, you will see that the athlete’s status can be set to:


  • OK ⇒ default setting - athlete is currently competing in the event
  • DNS ⇒ did not start - athlete is listed in the event, but does not start and compete in the event
  • DNF ⇒ did not finish - athlete is listed in the event, but does not finish the event
  • DQ ⇒ disqualification - athlete is disqualified by an official


Wind result, if measured and available, can be entered through this field. The measurement is always entered in meters/second (regardless if metric or imperial units are chosen for the meeting). The value can be positive or negative depending on the wind direction. Note that when you add the wind value for one athlete, the same value is automatically added for the rest of the athletes in the same group.

Reaction time

Reaction time, if measured and available, can be entered through this field for sprint events. When entering values, please note to simply enter numbers without any punctuation. The value will be entered with the most significant digit first and has 3 decimal places.

Saving the result

Once you have typed in the result, save the result by pressing the check mark button on the upper right hand side.

Once a result is saved, you will be back in the Events view with the saved result now visible.

Place standings are automatically updated in both the Roster consumer app and web admin upon each saved result.

Exiting the ‘Enter Result’ page without saving

Pressing the X button on upper left hand side will exit you out of having to enter a result and bring you back to the Events view.

Now that you understand the basic mechanism of how to enter results, let’s look at the specific options once results are entered.

Viewing place standings in the Meet Mgmt app

As you enter results, you can view updated place standings during the competition. To do this, press the three dots option on the upper right-hand and select Show places.

You will then see a summary screen with the place standings updated to the current attempt. 

Pressing the check mark button will push an update for all results (results and places) in this event, though this is generally NOT NEEDED since each entered result is updated automatically.

Note that calculating places does not affect the attempt order.

Mark results completed

Once you have finished marking all results for the event, you can Mark results completed through the three dots menu option. This will let the platform and main App know that the event is finished and complete. If you have multiple groups in the event, after calculating places and marking results completed for each group, the summary group will then automatically have place standings updated as well.

Note that results can still be edited, even after completing this step.

Searching by athlete name or bib number

During the event, you may need to look for or change the result for a particular athlete. You can find this athlete through the search window in the Events view by entering the name (first or last) or bib number if one is associated with the athlete.