Welcome to the Roster Athletics: Meet Mgmt App User Guides. The App is free to download from the iOS App Store and integrates into Roster Athletic’s Competition Management Platform by allowing meet organizers to enter in live field results directly from an iPhone or iPad device. The live field results are automatically transferred to the platform and directly into the main Roster Athletics App so that fans and athletes can follow these results in near real-time.


Using this app requires a Roster Athletics Competition Management web account (not the main App account). Please contact your organization administrator to enable your account or info@rosterathletics.com for general questions on how to get this set up.

Once logged in, you are now on the main Meetings page where all meetings associated with your organization(s) are visible and searchable. For your meetings, you will have permission to edit the meeting or read only. If you have read-only permission and wish to edit a meeting, please contact your organization administrator and ask them to enable you with the Update capability under Add Permissions in Roster web admin. You can find more details under the user guide: Permission to edit a meeting

Find your meeting and click to enter the meeting. Upon entering, you will see a list of all events for this meeting.


Note that the Meet Mgmt app displays the connection status to the Cloud Competition Management Platform.

The app will work without an active connection once the meeting is “downloaded” with an active connection. This is automatically performed by simply going into the meeting of interest with an active connection prior. If you do not have an active connection during the event, your marked results will automatically sync up to the platform once a live connection is re-established.

Now you are ready to start entering results!