Users can edit basic information about themselves, change their password, select display settings, and link their account to Apple, Google and Facebook. To do this, open the user menu by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the webpage and select Profile & Settings.

This guide is divided into five sections:

1. To edit the user name, e-mail, phone number, or default organization/organisation, select Profile from the menu options.

Specific changes require entering your password to confirm.

To update the default organization/organisation, you must log out and log in once again.

Please note: if you are a member of several organizations/organisations and want to create a new meet/meeting for a specific organization/organisation, you must select this organization/organisation in the user menu.

2. To change the date and time display formats, select Display from the menu options.

Change the displayed date format by selecting the desired one from the Date format menu. There are four date formats, where DD means date, MM means month and YYYY means year:


Change the displayed time format by selecting the desired one from the Time format menu. There are two time formats: 

  • 24h (e.g. 16:15)
  • 12h (e.g. 11:15 AM)

The selected format will be used when editing the start and end of a meet/meeting, the start of an event (date and time), and the birthday of an athlete (date). 


Please note: the date format change does not apply to CSV files (e.g. EventStart times when using Add athletes from a CSV file).

3. Select Password from the user menu options to change your password.

5. To change the platform's language, select Language from the user menu and choose a desired one.