Release note - consumer app - December 1, 2023

Android: v. 2.47.0

iOS: v. 2.47.0


  1. Start lists / results: We added the option to see the start list after the competition started. It is also an updated view. Start lists include advancement rules and the order for longer races, which the start officials often use.
  2. Start lists / results: We added the ability to sort the lists and navigate between groups and stages (e.g., Heat 1 to Semi-final).
  3. Public notes for an athlete: The organiser can add a public note for an athlete for a given stage of the competition (e.g., heats or final). This note is now shown on the start list and results.
  4. Para classes: If an athlete has an added para class, it will be shown next to the name of the athlete.
  5. Out-Of-Competition athletes: Athletes who are out of the competition will be marked with OOC.


  1. Meeting status: You can see if the organiser has cancelled a meeting.
  2. Medals/ribbons: These are removed and replaced with numbers to align across different events (break-downs, etc.).
  3. Lobbies: The fantasy game lobbies are removed. We aim to introduce an improved replacement in 2024.

Release note - consumer app - May 1, 2023

Android: v. 2.46.0

iOS: v. 2.46.0


  • Athlete Check-in: We have added the ability to link an athlete profile from the registration account to the Roster Athletics app. You will now be able to check in using a mobile device. Please see the How to link athlete profiles for mobile check-in guide for more information on how to link your profile.