Here you can find the frequently asked questions related to the Roster Athletics fantasy game.

The questions are divided into three categories:

Full fantasy game rules are available here:


If athletes participate in multiple events (e.g. 100m, 200m, 4x100m), will they score points for my team in all events?

No. Athletes will only receive points for their performance in the event in which you selected them.

Will athletes without an SB get bonus points for a season-best if this is their first start this year?

An athlete WILL NOT receive points for an SB if it is his/her first start in the event of the season. If it is the athlete's first-ever start in the event (i.e., no existing PB), then he/she WILL NOT collect performance points for a PB.

If an athlete breaks the MR or WR in the heat or semis, does it count in the final score if they do not repeat it again in the finals?

No. If an athlete participates in multiple rounds (e.g., heats and final), only the result from the higher-ranked round (i.e., the final) will count.

If multiple athletes break the meet/meeting record, does only the first athlete receive bonus points?

Yes, only the winner will receive bonus points unless it is the Pole Vault or High Jump events.

Picking athletes

Is the selection of a captain mandatory?

No. Selecting a captain is optional.

How much is the captain?

You will pay double the price for the captain but the team captain receives double points (both placement points and performance points are doubled).

Do I have to pick an athlete in each category?

No. To be classified, you have to pick at least one athlete. You can keep any number of empty slots.

What happens if you go over your budget?

You will be disqualified. A valid roster must not exceed the total fixed budget for that game. Try to pick cheaper athletes if your budget is negative.

How do I save my team after selecting athletes?

The roster is saved automatically after picking an athlete. You can change your team at any time before the deadline. All changes are also saved automatically.

Can I pick athletes from the Combined Events?

No. While you can follow all the results from Combined Events in the app, you cannot pick athletes from Combined Events in the fantasy game. 

Lobbies (groups)

Can I create a private group and compete with friends?

Not anymore. We have decided to sunset the fantasy game lobbies on October 31, 2023. We know that some of you have used and appreciated the lobby rankings and chat feeds, and we hope you will explore other features related to the competition. We are aiming to bring you an improved replacement for fantasy lobbies.