This guide covers setting up a Stripe payments processing account to work with Roster Registration so your organization/organisation can accept and process participant registration and sign-up payments.

To enable the payment processing Stripe account, you will need bank account information and other relevant company or individual identification information.

This setup process only needs to be performed once. When you have all the identification ready, the process should not take more than 10 minutes.

Please note that setting up a Stripe account is mandatory for any use of the registration platform, even if participant registrations are offered at no cost (i.e. free) for all your meetings.

The guide is organizerd/organised as follows:

Initializing your Roster account

Important: Please have your organization's/organisation's administrator contact Roster support staff ( to ensure your organization/organisation is qualified and ready to use the Roster registration platform.

Go to: and log in with your Roster account.

Click on the profile icon on the upper right-hand side of the page and ensure you are using the right organization/organisation (users can be part of multiple organizations/organisations).

Once this is done, click on My organization/organisation.

You will next see an edit organization/organisation pop-up window. Press the Payment options button.

You will now find a button at the bottom of the window, Create Stripe account, which you will press.

Now you will be taken to the Stripe interface to set up your account within Stripe.

Should you have any problems to this point, please contact your organization's/organisation's Roster administrator or contact us at:

Setting up Stripe account

Please note: regardless of whether or not you or your organization/organisation has an existing Stripe account, please use a new email address for this Stripe account in order to receive payments from the Roster Registration platform.

Please follow all the guided steps that are required for your type of organization/organisation, which will depend on country/region and type of business.

The example shown here is for a U.K. based non-profit in Stripe's test mode.

There will typically be several business identification information fields that must be filled out.

After entering all the pertinent business information for your entity, you will then be prompted to set up your bank account to enable payments.

Note that in the test mode shown here, test documents and information are used whereas you will be entering your actual information for verification.

Once you have entered and reviewed all the necessary information, clicking Submit will bring you back to the Roster Athletics admin screen and your account is ready to go.

Opening Stripe dashboard

To see your account balance anytime, go to the Stripe dashboard by the same procedure as before - going to your profile, pressing My Organization/Organisation, pressing Payment options, and then Open Stripe dashboard.

Once your Stripe account is set-up, you will be able to enable and manage participant registration through the Roster admin interface. Please see the Organizers/Organisers: Managing registration user guide on how to do this.

Please note: the default setting for payouts to your bank account will be every day, but with a 7 day delay. Please let us know at with the title "Payout schedule" should you rather have the payouts be on a weekly or monthly basis for bookkeeping.

Please note: you may be asked by Stripe to submit further proof of business documentation. In this case, submitting bank account documentation for the bank account associated with the Stripe account should suffice when no direct proof of business documentation is available.