Download a small application to connect and synchronize the browser-based Roster Athletics platform with compatible timing systems software during your competition (currently, Roster supports integration with Eagle Eye Pro, FinishLynx and TimeTronics timing systems). This enables events and starts lists to be updated from Roster to the timing system and results from the timing system to be immediately available on Roster and in the Roster app.

Before beginning, please make sure you have administrator privileges on the computer you wish to use for downloading and running the RosterAgent. You may need to approve the installer with an admin account and/or allow the installer to run through the virus protection and security settings. Make sure to allow the program to make changes to your device.

This guide is divided into two sections:

After download and installation, please see the appropriate Eagle Eye Pro integration, FinishLynx integration, TimeTronics MacFinish integration or TimeTronics Argus integration user guide for details on usage.

Downloading RosterAgent

Download the appropriate package for your operating system:

The RosterAgent currently supports the following languages: the US and UK English, Danish, French, German, Greek, Polish, Spanish and Swedish.

Installing the RosterAgent

If you have an agent version prior to 1.0.14 installed, please uninstall this old version and install the latest version per the guidance below. From version 1.0.14 onwards, you don't need to uninstall the previous version. 

Windows PC

First, uninstall any currently installed version of RosterAgent by:

  • Going to Control Panel → Programs → Programs and Features
  • Under "Uninstall or change a program", select any existing RosterAgent versions and Uninstall

Open the RosterAgent package (.msi) and allow the installer to run through any firewall or virus protection programs on your computer (please note there is no message on installation completion).

Now the RosterAgent will appear in the RosterAthletics folder on your applications list, and you are ready to run. A RosterAgent shortcut should also appear on your Desktop.

Mac Computer

We have sunset the Roster Agent app for iOS. Given that FinishLynx and TimeTronics only run on Windows, we will focus on support for the Windows (and Linux) versions of the Roster Agent app.

If you currently use the Roster Agent iOS app and this change creates an issue, please get in touch with us via