Organizers/Organisers of meets/meetings on the Roster platform can enable the ability for self-check-in by participants using the Roster Athletics app. For more information, see the Check-in guide. Once enabled, you will need to link your athlete profile from your registration account to the app, and then can confirm your start using a mobile device.

This guide is divided into the following sections below:

Open the Roster Athletics app (if you don't yet have the app or an app account, please see the Roster Athletics Consumer App User Guide guide). On the main Meets/Meetings screen, you will see the app settings menu on the upper left-hand side (burger three lines icon). Press it and select the ATHLETE CHECK-IN option. In the new view, you will find a list of athletes' profiles linked to your account (it will be empty by default).

To link the first athlete profile to your account, copy the SHARING CODE and go to the web registration portal at Login to your registration account (if you don't yet have an account, please see the Participants: Creating and managing your account guide), go to the AccountAthletes & relays, open an athlete profile you want to link, and go to the Sharing tab. Now click the Share button, enter or paste the sharing code and confirm the action by clicking the Share button. You should now see the user app account name on the list.

Once these steps are done, you will see the athlete's profile in the app. Refresh the view or restart the app if the name is not visible. Repeat these steps to link more profiles.

How to check in on the Roster Athletics app?

To check in on the app, go to the ATHLETE CHECK-IN menu settings option and open an athlete profile by clicking the name. You will see a list of upcoming meets/meetings with this athlete on the start list that have the check-in feature enabled (meet/meeting status has to be open).  

Open the meet/meeting to see all events with your athlete on the start list and information about the check-in deadline and status.

If the check-in is open, you can click the event name and select:

  • Check in - select it if you want to confirm participation. If additional verification is enabled, you can check in by:
    • Entering check-in code
    • Scanning check-in QR code
  • Scratch - select if you will not compete in the event.

The organizer/organiser will need to provide either the numerical and/or QR code for the specific meet/meeting of interest if the verification by code is required.

Please note: A scratch in the first child event of a combined event also causes a scratch in the parent event. Scratch in other child events will change the parent's status to DNF.

You can edit your check-in status until the check-in deadline.

You can also check in the same athlete for multiple events or check in multiple athletes for the same meet/meeting without scanning the code each time. To do so, open your device's camera and scan the QR code. The system will not ask you to scan the code again if you stay in the meet/meeting view.