TestFlight release note - September 9, 2019

TestFlight version 1.0. Only available on iPhone and iPad (iOS).

We are currently conducting the last round of testing on our new Roster Athletics: Meet Mgmt app. You are welcome to download and test it. The test app should work seamlessly with a meeting you have created on the Competition Management platform (via web). 

You can test the app by downloading it from TestFlight (TestFlight is Apple's test environment for mobile applications):

The Roster Athletics: Meet Mgmt app makes it easy for you to add results directly from the field. You should log in to the app with the same log-in credentials that you use on our web-based platform. 

Once you are logged in you can search for the meeting that you would like to use to enter data for purposes of the test, and then start entering the data. 

You are able to add results for all events. Select the relevant event and add the results for all of the athletes. 

For field events, you can always see who is the next athlete to jump/throw. 

For high jump and pole vault, you start editing the height progression and then set the starting height for each athlete.

For track events, you type in the results without "." and ";"

For all events, you can always "Calculate place" throughout the competition which will rank the athletes correctly in the consumer app (where fans can follow the results). 
When you are done with the event you should "Mark results completed". 

The results are immediately available on the web platform as well as in the Roster Athletics consumer app.

All the best from the Roster Athletics team