Under the Schedule tab, you can set a timetable for each day of your meeting, including all events for all age categories. Remember that events are sorted by Male, Female, and Mixed categories.



1. Select the Age group for your event. If you wish to set a default age group, you can do so under DetailsExtraDefault age group.



You can add the same event to the schedule for different age categories by clicking on the plus (+) icon on the right-hand side and choosing the Add age group link.


Note: You can only enable the Roster fantasy game for meetings that have only one age category.




2. If an event includes qualifying rounds you can add a Stage


You can add a new stage by either (i) clicking on the plus (+) icon on the right-hand side, or (ii) changing a current stage in the Stage field.

3. If a stage of an event includes several races/groups you can add them by clicking on the plus (+) icon on the right-hand side as many times as needed depending in the number of groups you need.


Note: The Summary Group is important for a meeting in which the Roster fantasy game is enabled. All fantasy game points for places and records are based on results from the Summary Group. Also, all fantasy game points for places are based only on results from the Final stage.


4. Set the Event start by selecting the applicable date and time (local time).


5. Set the meeting record (Initial MR) and world record (Initial WR), if applicable to your meeting.

All world records (WR) for the senior groups are set automatically by the system, but you can also add world records for different age group categories.

If the Roster fantasy game is enabled for your meeting, players can be awarded bonus points if an athlete in their Roster improves his/her MR or WR. Also, MR and WR abbreviations are visible next to the results in the app.