The Roster Athletics competition management platform supports multiple simultaneous individual scoring competitions in a single meet/meeting, with several scoring options and point tables available. 

Individual scoring competition is a concept that allows athletes to compete in as many events as they like, divided into the following categories: Run, Jump, Throw and create a type of "combined events" based on which categories are included and how many events from each category. Additionally, the organizer/organiser can select different point tables. Furthermore, Run can be split into Sprint and Distance.

An example could be a competition, where each athlete's best run, best jump and best throw will count based on the selected point tables. The athlete participates in both long jump and high jump, and only the event with the highest point score will count towards the total individual scoring competition. 

This guide is divided into the following sections below:

Enable individual scoring competitions

To get started, first enable individual scoring competitions for your meet/meeting by selecting MEET/MEETINGS Details General Individual scoringEnabled and save.

Once you have enabled and saved this setting, you will see a new menu option on the far left-hand side titled Individual scoring. Click on it to add and manage an individual scoring competition of your choice to the meet/meeting.

Setting up an individual scoring competition

Click on the Add scoring button to add an individual scoring competition of your choice to the meet/meeting:

A Create individual scoring window will pop up where you will set up a competition.

The competition settings include the following:

  • Title: unique name of the competition.
  • Gender: Men, Women or Men & Women. Selecting Men & Women allows the use of the same setting for both genders. If the setting is different for men and women, you can add another individual scoring competition for the same meet/meeting.
  • Running events: select Sprint & distance combined if you want to use only one category for running events or Sprint & distance separate to use two running categories.
  • Counting running events (or Counting sprint events and Counting distance events): number of counting running events.
  • Counting jumping events: number of counting events from Jumps category.
  • Counting throwing events: number of counting events from Throws category.
  • Total counting events: total number of counting events that will be applied.
  • Min. required for classification: minimum number of events that athlete has to participate in to be classified.
  • Included age groups: select age groups (you can change the list of visible age groups in the meet/meeting Details).
  • Point table: select the point table that you want to use for your competition. Points scoring table details are provided as reference information and can be viewed by clicking on OVERVIEW Points tables
  • Age grading: select Enabled if you want to use age grading factors when calculating points. Age grading factor details are provided as reference information and can be viewed by clicking on OVERVIEW Age grading factors. Age grading only applies to master age groups.

You can edit the individual scoring competition at any time. To do so, click on the three dots icon and select the Edit option. 

The list of options includes also the ability to Delete the competition and check if all of the events and age groups are covered by the selected point tables (Check point tables).

Viewing individual scoring competition results

To see the results ranking, select the Individual scoring from the menu and choose the competition and gender.

All points in the individual scoring competition are calculated automatically after marking each event as finished. Each change in the finished event triggers the re-calculation of points. The calculation may take a few seconds, depending on the number of athletes and events.

To see points for an athlete, he/she has to have a counting result (with an associated score table) and be placed. Athletes with no place will get 0 points.

Download an XLS file

All individual scoring results can be saved to an XLS file using the Export CSV tool. You will find the tool on the left-hand side of the Details page.

Export the XLS file with results by clicking the Import/Export CSV button and choosing Export individual competition results. 


If you have added multiple individual scoring competitions to the same meet/meeting, they will be in separate sheets.