When your meeting is ready, you can start adding results. You can do this under the Results tab. 

1. Click on the name of an event (it must be a high jump or pole vault event in order to use this specific guide). 

2. Set the opening height in the Height field and set the correct result status for all athletes.

  • o→ a valid attempt (it can also be xo or xxo status),
  • x a failed attempt (it can also be xx or xxx status),
  • - a passed attempt (it can also be x- or xx- status),
  • r an athlete that has retired from an event (it can also be xr or xxr status).

3. Add the next height by clicking on the plus icon on the far right-hand side, editing the proper desired height, and setting correct result status for all athletes. Repeat this step for the next heights as appropriate.

When adding a new height, the increase in height will be the difference between the two previous heights (can always be edited).

4. You can add places in the Place column. Alternatively, you can add just the results' statuses and then click on the Resolve places & sort icon which will sort all athletes by results and automatically add all places.

The best result of each athlete will be marked with two green stars (**) and visible in the Result column. 

5. Information about all records (WR, MR, PB, SB) will show automatically. However, you can change all of the records manually if you disable the Assisted mode under Options.


6. If an athlete was disqualified (DQ) or did not start (DNS), you will need to change the Status of that athlete to the correct one. The NM (no mark) status is set automatically when all attempts are unsuccessful.


7. After adding all results, click on the FINISHED trigger. Now in the Roster Athletics mobile app, the event will be marked by three medals.

Please note: once you click on the FINISHED trigger, you cannot undo this step.

Tip when entering multiple results:

If entering results for multiple athletes and/or multiple heights at once, the TAB button on the keyboard can be used to quickly navigate directly to the neighboring field from the keyboard without needing to move with and click on the mouse.

The TAB button can be set up to move either up-to-down (vertically) or left-to-right (horizontally), depending on your preference. This direction is set by selecting the Results navigation option from the upper right-hand settings menu, and choosing either Left-right or Top-bottom.