If you need to connect a serial cable to a computer that does not have a serial port, then you will need a USB to Serial adapter. It can be a challenge since there are many different models, types, and manufacturers. 

You need to find an adapter and a matching driver. We have tested cables with the FTDI chip (FTDI-FT232RL) and corresponding drivers. We are using the following set up with success:

  • A USB/Serial Adapter from UGREEN: USB 2.0 to RS232 DB9 Adapter Cable (FTDI)
    • E.g., $13 at Amazon (remember you might need two cables) - the one shown below is with the FTDI-FT232RL chipset.
    • PS: please note that UGREEN makes adapters with other chipsets as well so make sure you have the one with the FTDI chipset.

  • A Serial cable or a "modem female to female": DB9 null modem female to female slimline data transfer serial port adapter (please ensure you have the null modemversion)

There are several other combinations (driver and processor chip, cables, etc.), but the above should get you started while being reasonably priced.