When your meeting is ready, you can start adding results. You can do this under the Results tab. 

1. Click on the name of an event.


2. You can add places in the Place column and results in the Result column. Alternatively, you can add only results in the Result column and then click on the Resolve places & sort iconwhich will sort all athletes by results and automatically add all places.



3. For sprints events, you can add reaction time to the React. field and wind to the Wind field (if you choose the outdoor season). The wind will be automatically synchronized for all athletes. 



4. Information about all records (WR, MR, PB, SB) will show automatically. However, you can change all of the records manually if you disable the Assisted mode under Options.



5. If an athlete did not finish the race (DNF), was disqualified (DQ), or did not start (DNS), you will need to change the Status of that athlete to the correct one.



6. After adding all results, click on the Results complete trigger. In the Roster Athletics mobile app, the event will be marked by three medals. It is important to note that once you click on the Results complete trigger, you cannot undo this step.


7. For relay events, you can add splits to the Team split column. The Lap time will set automatically.