When your meeting is ready, you can start adding results. You can do this under the Results tab. 

1. Click on the name of an event.

2. You can add places in the Place column and results in the Result column. Alternatively, you can add only results in the Result column and then click on the Resolve places & sort icon which will sort all athletes by results and automatically add all places.


3. When entering results, any records that are set (WR, MR, PB, SB) will show automatically under the results. However, you can change all of the records manually if you disable the Assisted mode under Options.


Please note: disabling Assisted mode should be used only if there are not multiple Roster web admin users in the same meet. Otherwise entering any result that is a record or manually setting a result to be a record will appear to the other Roster web admin users as an un-saved result.

4. If an athlete did not finish the race (DNF), was disqualified (DQ), or did not start (DNS), you will need to change the Status of that athlete to the correct one.  



5. After adding all results, click on the FINISHED trigger. In the mobile app, the event will be marked by three medals.

Please note: once you click on the FINISHED trigger, you cannot undo this step.


Hand timing

To use hand timing for event groups, please see the Set schedule guide to enable this feature.

For event groups where hand timing is used, enter results rounding up to the nearest tenth of a second, which will have following format (MM.SS.s).

The displayed results in the event Summary (if the event includes at least two groups) will have the designation "h" next to the hand timed results. The "h" will be visible also in PDF files with results.

Important note: changing the timing method of a group with existing results will remove all results for that group.