Please note: the option to add a password and make the meet/meeting private is no longer available with Roster web admin version 2023.05.2 going forward. Instead, use the ability to hide the meet/meeting from search results (MEETS/MEETINGSDetails Extra Visibility in search results → Exclude) and/or control the event visibility (for more information, see the Event visibility guide) within a meet/meeting. 

If you have added a password to your meet/meeting before version 2023.05.2, all events will be hidden, and the meeting will be excluded from the search results.

You can set your meet/meeting as a private meet/meeting with a password. Thus only app users with the password can see any data for this meet/meeting, even if the meet/meeting status is Open.

Please note: a meet/meeting cannot be set as a private meet/meeting if registration is active.

1. To set up your meet/meeting as private, go under the Extra heading, change the Privacy field from Public to Private.


2. Set a Password. The password must be at least eight characters long.


3. Once the meet/meeting is set to private, each user must enter the password to access the meet/meeting in the app. Entering the password is only required once per user unless the password has been changed.